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Nokia X10 and W10 concept phone come out the closet

06/05/2011 Leave a comment

The Nokia / Microsoft partnership have been quite for a while now, I had mentioned in a previous blog post that I expected great things and that if Nokia were to get back in the game, this would be the dare to be great moment. I am throughly pleased to see that the Nokia fan club have revealed some specs and photos about Nokia real entry into the smart phone world.

The X10 will come with Symbian, so I have no interest in this as Symbian is not good enough as a smartphone OS.

The Nokia W10 will feature some standard features such as having a Super Amoled screen with 16 million colours, full hd video recording, proximity sensor and gyro sensor.

The “not standard features” include a 4.5″ screen, TV out via HDMI, 15mp camera by Carl Zeiss optics and here’s the killer for the tech junkies out there it will feature a 2GHz Quad-Core Processor with 32GB storage and micro sd of 64GB. It has 2GB Rom and 2GB Ram graphics card.

It sounds sexy and is making my mouth water.

Heres to Nokia and Microsoft – can’t wait.


Finally a step in the right direction for Nokia

11/02/2011 Leave a comment

It’s taken them the longest time to come to this realization but better late than never I guess. It seems the changes at the top have done some good to the company and I am eager and excited to get my hands on a Nokia device running Windows Phone 7.

Nokia has officially announced that they are aligning their strategy with Microsoft. This is key, if Nokia wants any chance of staying alive in the smartphone world.

Over the past few years, Apple and Google have consistently beaten Nokia at innovating and this in in-spite of the fact that Nokia has a massive R&D department.

what does this mean for you as a business?

The early adoption of RIM and BlackBerry has forced the business world to be connected and stay connect all the time. RIM however have failed to delight with innovation as well and this is where Windows Phone 7 and Nokia could gain momentum.

The service offering of a Nokia device powered by Windows Phone 7 is attractive when you considered the success rate of Windows 7.  The operating system has been accepted well by most users and even large corporates. This means then that Microsoft and Nokia have the opportunity to offer a range of services that RIM could only dream about – sorry BlackBerry but with each passing day your devices because a teenage craze for children with no airtime who want to use BBM.

The model that made you famous has been outed by the innovation of Android, iOS and certainly now, Nokia and Microsoft.

What you should look out for is the following:

1. Nokia still leads the market with such things as imaging and this is definitely something Windows Phone 7 can build on.

2. Nokia still is the largest supplier of mobile phones, building good reliable mobile phones, this will also be a key point for Microsoft to look at.

3. Bing is not my favorite search engine, but for sure it will be part of the New Nokia offering, while Bing may not be a great search engine, its image search is awesome, and on a Nokia smartphone with super imaging, this might be a useful tool id it is harnessed correctly.

4.  Nokia maps – to date is still the best mapping tool and beats the crap out of Garmin and TomTom especially since it’s free. Again a valuable point for Microsoft to think about.

5. Applications – this is going to be great, if Microsoft and Nokia can get closer to the Android, Google expertise in this arena, there is certainly going to be good competition in pipe lines. I’m a Windows user and even though I use a Mac, I still love Windows, if Nokia and Microsoft can create an experience for Mobile Phone users that is the good parts of using Windows on a PC, this will in the end be a strong deciding factor for user leaving iOS and Android for Windows Phone 7.

What you should notice is it’s not longer about the mobile device it’s now about the mobile environment or as the new catch phrase that bouncing around – it about the Mobile ecosystem.

I hope from the hard times, Nokia has released that it’s about actually innovating and not just saying you’re doing it. It’s about being able to move quickly in the consistently shifting digital environment. Hats off to Nokia and Microsoft, best of luck on this new partnership…

PS – Please could I have a Nokia device with Windows Phone 7 on it… 🙂


BlackBerry gets the “boot” from Dell

05/11/2010 Leave a comment

Dell Venue

Dell Venue

I respect Rim for bringing the wonder of email on mobile to the world, but like Nokia, the evolution of the brand has died. Yes BlackBerry and their loyal users would disagree but the truth is, in our changing environment – having email on mobile is not old news. There are still many companies using BlackBerry as the preferred device for business yet in the long term it just does not make sense.

Why should you have to put a BlackBerry server in front of ActiveSync?

Dell is pretty much saying bye bye to BlackBerry and hello to Windows Phone 7 (WP7). It’s not surprising, not at all! Each OS offers something unique and different, you can take iOS and know that you will get some awesome touch screen software. Take Android and you know you getting an internet device that is amazing with lots of Mods available. With WinMo as it was called while still at version 6 and 6.1 offered functionality. It was not user friendly at all, but syncing up to your PC was seamless and if you were a pc user, understanding the device was easy as well.

Microsoft did however need to get the usability right and I think (I say think because I haven’t used a WP7 device as yet) they have. Early adopters and research points in this direction. It may well just be a craze at the moment, but it has enough power to make a significant change I believe.

The Dell move is important, 25 000 employees getting rid of BB and opting for WP7 should make RIM pretty angry. I don’t think the specs on the Dell Venue (That’s the mobile employees will get) are great in fact its a bit common except for the OS. 5mp camera, 8Gb memory and so forth. Nokia has been 16 million colours screen for years now. So nothing out of the ordinary in the hardware…

But as any programmer will tell you, it’s not just about the hardware – If WP7 lives up to Apple / Google standard, there might be something great in WP7!

Depending how how Apple and Google respond I think we might be in for exciting times.

Next step for me – Beg Microsoft for a WP7 device.



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