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Efficient vs Effective

12/07/2012 Leave a comment

Work Life Effectiveness

Work Life Effectiveness (Photo credit: Mike “Dakinewavamon” Kline)

I often wonder why somethings fail and somethings succeed in life. It may sound like a profound and deep question but really at the most basic level, why do somethings succeed and some fail?

How about from a marketing point of view? It’s an interesting question because looking around at some of the brands out and the efforts made to market, you almost think that some just completely waste their time. Forgettable becomes an understatement and I’m forced to ask myself, has the objective been met.

Objective can be subjective depending on who you ask, some believe their little world is all that exists and on a larger scale that may be so, if you are Apple or Google! but if you are not, then interdependence, leadership, guidance, and trust become very important.

It’s also the case of “quick verses quality”, or more simply, “efficient verses effective”.

What’s the difference?

Those wanting to be efficient see it as the driver or purpose, you often hear the words streamlined or automated which are great if used correctly. But being efficient should never take the place of being effective. I could from a religious point of view explain this with ease by simply looking at how over time, very little has changed in the format of Christianity or any religion actually, why? Well because while we have had many enhancements, they do not always present themselves as effective.

Let me elaborate: a preacher could tell to you just read your bible on your iPad and that’s his sermon. But would it be effective in carrying his message to you, his tone, his zeal for the matter? What about those without iPad or those who cannot read. In an effort to be efficient, the preacher would have failed to be effective.

The secular world is just the same. So what’s the point of this? While we may think being efficient is the way to go, we have to understand that if what you are doing is not received as you intended then all your efforts on efficiency have been wasted because you were not effective.

Rather make an effort to make objectives higher than yourself, set goals just little beyond your reach so that you get out of the comfort zone and actually try. Instead of just wanting to be first in the class, try to be best in the class.



The mobile world is going mad

13/04/2010 Leave a comment

I’m certain that pretty soon the word “mobile” is going to cover more than just mobile phones. The world is going crazy and at this very point you can clearly see signs of it. Apple and Adobe practically kicking and punching each other not forgeting that others are waiting in the sideline to throw their own punch, companies like Google and Microsoft are examples of that.

The guess the question is why? What could be making the world go in this light?

It’s about market share, who owns the enviroment. You can take Google as an example of this – Google is just a search engine, like Yahoo and like yet when people speaking about searching on the internet the expression is “I’ll GOOGLE it” Google has become an action word – a verb! That is the kind of impact that every company is looking for.

Now I’m all about technology and while I can tell you flat out that the microsoft Zune is propally better than the iPod, the truth of the matter is that most people would rather have an iPod that a Zune simply because Apple has marketed their product better and has added the wow factor.

It’s exactly the same for mobile phones, their are a large number of far better phones than the iPhone but again because of Apple’s marketing people believe that the iPhone is a better mobile – the truth can be easily seen if people would just shut up and actually look at the phones.

The new iPhone OS is coming with multitasking – to the world this means crap except if you want to listen to your music and surf the internet at the same time. Apple has a huge event to announce such things yet the Motorola Droid OS has been doing multitasking for the longest time. Not to mention every other mobile I have used – Nokia N97, N96, 6110 – the list could go on forever.

The point is technically the iPhone is a piece of crap and Apple should get their heads out their ass and stop acting like complete fools. Apple want to create a monoply, yet they fail in every regard. Adobe Flash is pretty much going to every mobile out there, yet who says no – Apple. Opera browser was lucky to get their app in the iStore based on a loophole, if the loophole was not their the amazing mobile browser would not have been allowed to compete with the iPhone safari browser.

The point is the madness is the competition every one who is anyone is competing. Apple released the iPad again to me is a piece of crap that serves no purpose, yet days later Google announces it’s working on a tablet of it’s own. Not to mention Tablet PC have been around for a while and I would much rather trust a dell or HP that an Apple.

The competition should continue and is great for the consumer because we will get the best of the best out of it.

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