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Efficient vs Effective

12/07/2012 Leave a comment

Work Life Effectiveness

Work Life Effectiveness (Photo credit: Mike “Dakinewavamon” Kline)

I often wonder why somethings fail and somethings succeed in life. It may sound like a profound and deep question but really at the most basic level, why do somethings succeed and some fail?

How about from a marketing point of view? It’s an interesting question because looking around at some of the brands out and the efforts made to market, you almost think that some just completely waste their time. Forgettable becomes an understatement and I’m forced to ask myself, has the objective been met.

Objective can be subjective depending on who you ask, some believe their little world is all that exists and on a larger scale that may be so, if you are Apple or Google! but if you are not, then interdependence, leadership, guidance, and trust become very important.

It’s also the case of “quick verses quality”, or more simply, “efficient verses effective”.

What’s the difference?

Those wanting to be efficient see it as the driver or purpose, you often hear the words streamlined or automated which are great if used correctly. But being efficient should never take the place of being effective. I could from a religious point of view explain this with ease by simply looking at how over time, very little has changed in the format of Christianity or any religion actually, why? Well because while we have had many enhancements, they do not always present themselves as effective.

Let me elaborate: a preacher could tell to you just read your bible on your iPad and that’s his sermon. But would it be effective in carrying his message to you, his tone, his zeal for the matter? What about those without iPad or those who cannot read. In an effort to be efficient, the preacher would have failed to be effective.

The secular world is just the same. So what’s the point of this? While we may think being efficient is the way to go, we have to understand that if what you are doing is not received as you intended then all your efforts on efficiency have been wasted because you were not effective.

Rather make an effort to make objectives higher than yourself, set goals just little beyond your reach so that you get out of the comfort zone and actually try. Instead of just wanting to be first in the class, try to be best in the class.



Finally a step in the right direction for Nokia

11/02/2011 Leave a comment

It’s taken them the longest time to come to this realization but better late than never I guess. It seems the changes at the top have done some good to the company and I am eager and excited to get my hands on a Nokia device running Windows Phone 7.

Nokia has officially announced that they are aligning their strategy with Microsoft. This is key, if Nokia wants any chance of staying alive in the smartphone world.

Over the past few years, Apple and Google have consistently beaten Nokia at innovating and this in in-spite of the fact that Nokia has a massive R&D department.

what does this mean for you as a business?

The early adoption of RIM and BlackBerry has forced the business world to be connected and stay connect all the time. RIM however have failed to delight with innovation as well and this is where Windows Phone 7 and Nokia could gain momentum.

The service offering of a Nokia device powered by Windows Phone 7 is attractive when you considered the success rate of Windows 7.  The operating system has been accepted well by most users and even large corporates. This means then that Microsoft and Nokia have the opportunity to offer a range of services that RIM could only dream about – sorry BlackBerry but with each passing day your devices because a teenage craze for children with no airtime who want to use BBM.

The model that made you famous has been outed by the innovation of Android, iOS and certainly now, Nokia and Microsoft.

What you should look out for is the following:

1. Nokia still leads the market with such things as imaging and this is definitely something Windows Phone 7 can build on.

2. Nokia still is the largest supplier of mobile phones, building good reliable mobile phones, this will also be a key point for Microsoft to look at.

3. Bing is not my favorite search engine, but for sure it will be part of the New Nokia offering, while Bing may not be a great search engine, its image search is awesome, and on a Nokia smartphone with super imaging, this might be a useful tool id it is harnessed correctly.

4.  Nokia maps – to date is still the best mapping tool and beats the crap out of Garmin and TomTom especially since it’s free. Again a valuable point for Microsoft to think about.

5. Applications – this is going to be great, if Microsoft and Nokia can get closer to the Android, Google expertise in this arena, there is certainly going to be good competition in pipe lines. I’m a Windows user and even though I use a Mac, I still love Windows, if Nokia and Microsoft can create an experience for Mobile Phone users that is the good parts of using Windows on a PC, this will in the end be a strong deciding factor for user leaving iOS and Android for Windows Phone 7.

What you should notice is it’s not longer about the mobile device it’s now about the mobile environment or as the new catch phrase that bouncing around – it about the Mobile ecosystem.

I hope from the hard times, Nokia has released that it’s about actually innovating and not just saying you’re doing it. It’s about being able to move quickly in the consistently shifting digital environment. Hats off to Nokia and Microsoft, best of luck on this new partnership…

PS – Please could I have a Nokia device with Windows Phone 7 on it… 🙂


The mobile world is going mad

13/04/2010 Leave a comment

I’m certain that pretty soon the word “mobile” is going to cover more than just mobile phones. The world is going crazy and at this very point you can clearly see signs of it. Apple and Adobe practically kicking and punching each other not forgeting that others are waiting in the sideline to throw their own punch, companies like Google and Microsoft are examples of that.

The guess the question is why? What could be making the world go in this light?

It’s about market share, who owns the enviroment. You can take Google as an example of this – Google is just a search engine, like Yahoo and like yet when people speaking about searching on the internet the expression is “I’ll GOOGLE it” Google has become an action word – a verb! That is the kind of impact that every company is looking for.

Now I’m all about technology and while I can tell you flat out that the microsoft Zune is propally better than the iPod, the truth of the matter is that most people would rather have an iPod that a Zune simply because Apple has marketed their product better and has added the wow factor.

It’s exactly the same for mobile phones, their are a large number of far better phones than the iPhone but again because of Apple’s marketing people believe that the iPhone is a better mobile – the truth can be easily seen if people would just shut up and actually look at the phones.

The new iPhone OS is coming with multitasking – to the world this means crap except if you want to listen to your music and surf the internet at the same time. Apple has a huge event to announce such things yet the Motorola Droid OS has been doing multitasking for the longest time. Not to mention every other mobile I have used – Nokia N97, N96, 6110 – the list could go on forever.

The point is technically the iPhone is a piece of crap and Apple should get their heads out their ass and stop acting like complete fools. Apple want to create a monoply, yet they fail in every regard. Adobe Flash is pretty much going to every mobile out there, yet who says no – Apple. Opera browser was lucky to get their app in the iStore based on a loophole, if the loophole was not their the amazing mobile browser would not have been allowed to compete with the iPhone safari browser.

The point is the madness is the competition every one who is anyone is competing. Apple released the iPad again to me is a piece of crap that serves no purpose, yet days later Google announces it’s working on a tablet of it’s own. Not to mention Tablet PC have been around for a while and I would much rather trust a dell or HP that an Apple.

The competition should continue and is great for the consumer because we will get the best of the best out of it.

The Guiding Principles – How Online becomes Digital

03/09/2009 1 comment

Having grown up in a family of I.T. professionals and having seen them work, learn and evolve over many years gives one a deep understanding of how quickly technology can and does change.

It’s been said that now in 2008 /2009 humans beings have conversed nearly 38% more than any other time known to man. Why? Well, because social networking has become a fashion and if you’re not on Facebook, MySpace, MXit or Twitter then you are living in the dark ages.

Online has evolved and if online is your business then you are aware that this monster called the internet is no longer just about websites or mobile sites. The world is becoming Digital and where you had an Online campaign last year which was a website created to promote your brand, this year it would be called a digital campaign and would include a website, emailer, sms, ussd, rss, toolbars, widgets and the list could go on forever.

In changing times, businesses and its people need to change and adapt as well. You cannot be a part of a dying technology, because you will die too.

What adds to the incredible growth of digital is that it is a unique effective way of reaching your audience, especially if you have a trust-worthy brand. It is also worth mentioning that the global recession has also had it’s effect on the audience, which means they are more aware how they spend their money.

Which leads to me to the point of this entry; here are a few thoughts on why you should go digital:

  1. Tried – Tested – Failed – Sucess

The digital medium is about the only medium that allows you to “try” something without heavy consequences should it fail, and if it does fail, it can be tweaked and reworked until you get the formula right. Digital allows you to create safe enviroments to test and even test a campaign live and if it is not working, simily rework it.

  1. The Ad-on benefit

If your core business is not internet based, the digital realm provides you with great ad-on’s especially if you’re on tight budget. The amount of people using social networking as a full marketing package is growing by the second. Retailer’s, Banks and Broadcasters are all getting in on the action. If you’re a guy then you are probably part of the Markham Facebook group, if you listener to 94.7 Highveld Stereo then you might also be following them on Twitter and if you bank with FNB then you know that you can perform nearly all your banking from your cellphone, with tons of value added features, like avoiding the queue for a lotto ticket, you can buy from your cellphone.

  1. Participation

Media and Advertising in the past has always been one-sided, it was always a TV AD at you or a Radio AD giving you only one way to turn. Now in this day and age, people want to interact, they want to be a part of it. Do whatever you want to just make sure that it allows for the maximum amount of participation and at whatever cost avoid interaction that allows for only a few people.

  1. Think like your audience to please your client

This is an important point, and needs to be stressed! If you want to please your client, (either someone paying you to create a digital campaign or just yourself creating your own brands awareness) think like your audience. Do not limit yourself to just a website – think smarter, predict what your audience would do and interact with them in that way. It may not be a website. I repeat it may not be a website. Here is an example: If you want foreigners arriving in S.A. to be interested in what you have to offer, first go to the airport, its logical – that’s where they check in!

  1. Break the rules and thinking

You will not survive in this environment if you cannot push your limits. Companies tell you to work within boundaries and yes boundaries are needed, but be weary that you do not use boundaries as a scapegoat from learning and exploring. If you feel like you are in a comfort zone, then I assure you – you suck at what you do. Digital is not a sit down and relax place, it changes and moves every second of every day. When you are having Christmas lunch on 25 December at home, technology is still progressing. Take your mind off web pages and start seeing the web as an ever growing application. Facebook is an application not just a webpage. Break the rules and your thinking, but do it responsibly.

  1. Listen to your Audience / Analytics

Your audience does not have to speak to say something, most if not all companies use some kind of analytical system to learn about their audience. Knowledge is most powerful when it is applied. It is pointless knowing your audience does not like rock music and then you design a radio ad and use rock music in the background. Companies get so caught up in pleasing the client, that they forget that is it the audience who determines the success of your business and if your client would return for further advertising solutions from you!

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Research indicates that 60 of all website traffic is generated from a search engine and having been involved in the analytical information of more than 10 large and medium brands, I can tell you that the 60% figure is almost always right. So give a little thought to how Google and Yahoo and all the search engines rank you.

  1. Aesthetics

This should by now be grounded into your mind already. A user will determine if they like your website within 30 seconds of being on your website. This is way to little time for them to read your longs lines of text. Get creative and start thinking outside the box, while bandwidth may be a concern now, it will disappear in time, and when it does, will you be ready or will you till be sacrificing Quality for Quantity? It is better to have one amazing banner on Facebook (as an example) that 40 crap banners across the internet.

  1. Functionality

What makes one website better than the other? Functionality! All radio station websites have the same core design. They all tell you what song is playing, they all list their presenters, and they all have some competition or promotion. What sets one apart from the other is what they have to offer in functionality. The Internet is about creating an experience, one that causes your audience to return because of the amazing experience they have had.

Don’t be afraid to invest in good functionality, look at trends and predict what will become popular and use it. Current trends in Digital include ways of consolidating all your social networking to control it from one central point. On a mobile you can use Fring as a central place to chat to MSN, Skype, Gmail chat, Yahoo Chat and many others.

  1. Trust the experts

You want to bake a cake, ask the baker not the plumber. You want a shit hot digital campaign, ask the digital team not the finance department. You get the point – too often we go about doing exactly this, trust the expertise of a person who is not in the digital realm and then when the campaign fails, everyone is up in arms. Stop being stupid and understand that you do not know everything as I do not know everything.

Ask me a digital question and I will give you a digital answer – that’s what I do.

The above principles are exactly that – principles, the likihood of them changing is very high, just because this environment changes so often.

If you are a company then use this as a guide, build on it and ensure that is forms part of the culture of your online team. I would even go so far as to stay, stop calling them the Online Team or department and start calling them the Digital Team.

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