Design Indaba 2011 – Done and dusted

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It was lovely being in Cape Town last week, the beautiful weather, the friendly people and of course the fish and chips! The Design Indaba this year has seemed to be a bit disappointing.

Just a very quick overview on the Indaba 2011, there were plenty of speakers, who lacked a certain presentation skill, they might have had the very best subject matter, but their presentation let them down with the exception of Robert Wong, Oded Ezer, Michael Wolff, Mark Shuttleworth, Charlie Todd and Alberto Alessi. These truly were the speakers that inspired me to think about how I can add value creatively to improve the world we live in.

With no respect to any other speaker, it just seemed that the quality of speakers from years gone by has drifted and no to mention that in this every changing world where Digital has become pivotal it amazed me that the Indaba had such a small showing as far as digital goes.

This was the biggest disappointment to me.

The setting of Cape Town International Convention Centre was great, the creative on plasma and other displays was also sadly disappointing, with this irritating Absa promo clip that they kept playing and not just playing they kept playing it a million times a day.

Heads Up guys – We are creative people, WE GET BORED easily. I hope next year has a few more and importantly, better display advertising.

Ok enough with the disappointments, but really people attend this event looking for that dare to be great moment, with the notion that they will be inspired by the wonder and amazement of industry experts.

I certainly believe the highlight by far was Robert Wong, such an excellent speaker, just a pity he was the practically the last speaker on the last day.

I see this event as having such potential and I really hope next year is up to scratch.



Design Indaba 2011 | A better world through creativity

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The mother city plays host to Design Indaba 2011, leading with the caption of creating a better world through creativity. It’s two days in with the big DI party this evening and really I’m sitting with a lot of mixed feelings about the speakers – don’t get me wrong, I have all the respect in the world for these men and women, just at times it seems difficult to identify how some of their work is creating a better world through design.

I absolutely enjoyed Michael Wolff, simple – plain – to the point. He makes a good point in highlighting how design can bring value to people.

The other two people who I enjoyed were Charlie Todd and Alberto Alessi. Charlie Todd who has almost made a living out of being different through humor. His creative flair to causing trouble is an inspiration.

Alberto Alessi for me, rescued a disappointing day 2. Day 1 started on a massive high and left the delegates wanting more on the same power level. Several speakers on day 2 were good but again it was more about the wow factor which was lacking. Alberto Alessi went through the family business history and displayed what makes his skills so unique.

So what remains?

The DI party and day 3 for me and then it’s back to Jozi.

Finally a step in the right direction for Nokia

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It’s taken them the longest time to come to this realization but better late than never I guess. It seems the changes at the top have done some good to the company and I am eager and excited to get my hands on a Nokia device running Windows Phone 7.

Nokia has officially announced that they are aligning their strategy with Microsoft. This is key, if Nokia wants any chance of staying alive in the smartphone world.

Over the past few years, Apple and Google have consistently beaten Nokia at innovating and this in in-spite of the fact that Nokia has a massive R&D department.

what does this mean for you as a business?

The early adoption of RIM and BlackBerry has forced the business world to be connected and stay connect all the time. RIM however have failed to delight with innovation as well and this is where Windows Phone 7 and Nokia could gain momentum.

The service offering of a Nokia device powered by Windows Phone 7 is attractive when you considered the success rate of Windows 7.  The operating system has been accepted well by most users and even large corporates. This means then that Microsoft and Nokia have the opportunity to offer a range of services that RIM could only dream about – sorry BlackBerry but with each passing day your devices because a teenage craze for children with no airtime who want to use BBM.

The model that made you famous has been outed by the innovation of Android, iOS and certainly now, Nokia and Microsoft.

What you should look out for is the following:

1. Nokia still leads the market with such things as imaging and this is definitely something Windows Phone 7 can build on.

2. Nokia still is the largest supplier of mobile phones, building good reliable mobile phones, this will also be a key point for Microsoft to look at.

3. Bing is not my favorite search engine, but for sure it will be part of the New Nokia offering, while Bing may not be a great search engine, its image search is awesome, and on a Nokia smartphone with super imaging, this might be a useful tool id it is harnessed correctly.

4.  Nokia maps – to date is still the best mapping tool and beats the crap out of Garmin and TomTom especially since it’s free. Again a valuable point for Microsoft to think about.

5. Applications – this is going to be great, if Microsoft and Nokia can get closer to the Android, Google expertise in this arena, there is certainly going to be good competition in pipe lines. I’m a Windows user and even though I use a Mac, I still love Windows, if Nokia and Microsoft can create an experience for Mobile Phone users that is the good parts of using Windows on a PC, this will in the end be a strong deciding factor for user leaving iOS and Android for Windows Phone 7.

What you should notice is it’s not longer about the mobile device it’s now about the mobile environment or as the new catch phrase that bouncing around – it about the Mobile ecosystem.

I hope from the hard times, Nokia has released that it’s about actually innovating and not just saying you’re doing it. It’s about being able to move quickly in the consistently shifting digital environment. Hats off to Nokia and Microsoft, best of luck on this new partnership…

PS – Please could I have a Nokia device with Windows Phone 7 on it… 🙂


Jailbreak iPhone devices with Greenpoins0n RC5 / fix errors

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Greenpois0n RC5Greenpois0n is here and it’s looking good. Took me some time to figure out how to get it working correctly as there are still a few bugs but apart the installation bugs, everything else work perfectly. So heres the quick guide to getting your iPhone device jailbroken and getting past any issues you may have.

You will need:
Redsnow 0.9.7b6


1. Connect your iPhone and close iTunes
2. Click Applications >> Utilities >> Terminal
3. Type in the following: sudo nano /private/etc/hosts
4. This will open your host file, simply add a # in front of the line and then save the file
5. Still in Terminal, type in the follow (please add a space after the word “open” and then drag Greenpois0n to Terminal): sudo open
6. Terminal will open Greenpois0n with superuser access
7. Follow Jailbreak instructions on Greenpois0n
8. At the third step of the jailbreak – DO NOT LET GO OF HOME Button –
9. Even though it looks stuck on your phone, if you look at Greenpois0n on your MAC you will see the process bar is still going, letting go of home screws up this process.
10. Once you done jailbreaking you will see you have “Loader” as a new icon and no Cydia
11. “Loader” has an error, just ignore it and do this to get Cydia
12. Run Redsnow 0.9.7b6 >> select “Install Cydia” and let Redsnow do it’s thing
13. Don’t worry about your Untethered Jailbreak you will still have it once Redsnow completes.
14. Once complete you will have Cydia, simply open Loader >> option >> delete app
15. Done

Sony and GeoHot (George Hotz)

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It’s interesting to see how the digital world develops, it is the strangest environment imaginable and yet some the environment itself provides enough evidence for people / business to see “What’s next”. People and business though never react in a logical manner and it makes you think – “How stupid are we?”

GeoHot became famous a few years ago as one of the youngest people to jailbreak an iPhone, his first jailbreak was a hardware jailbreak, which then lead to a world of new opportunities for anyone owning an iPhone, the solutions for jailbreaking quickly became software jailbreaks and more more people are using them.

Apple has tried to with every new version of iOS to block out the exploits but as with anything in life, there is always a way around it.

GeoHotz then turned his sights on Sony with the PS3 and as you imagine, Sony try to stop it as well – Sony took the rough mean, “I’ll smash you into pieces” approach and at present have a temporary restraining order against GeoHot – pretty much GeoHot cannot provided his Jailbrak solution for the PS3.

For the old people at Sony: Here’s the thing about technology / information and innovation, no matter how hard you try you cannot stop technology from improving. Sony announced a new firmware update and within 24 hours of the announcement – the new firmware was jailbroken.

It should provide a good lesson for the old (thinkers) of this digital age – stop fighting development / embrace it and allow it to assist you in defining how far you can progress. The fact that someone can jailbreak your software means that your software is not perfect, it means that there is a kid out there that is smarter than you senior developer. Slapping him with a restraining order, will just get some other kid out to make you look stupid.

Respect to GeoHot and KaKaRoToKS –

KaKaRoToKS for jailbreaking PS3 firmware v3.56

iPhone 4: In perspective

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The last few days with the iPhone have proven to be quite interesting, while I still affirm that Steve Jobs is crazy and that his policies are stupid I have to admit that just like the previous iPhone (3Gs), this one also has that sexiness about it. The feeling of “I’m cool” because I have an iPhone.

While I may have an iPhone, the reality is that while it may be pretty, the battery life on the iPhone 4 is terrible. If you even dare leave a background application running, you are doomed…

I enjoyed playing a round of Angry Birds on my HTC Desire, I managed to get to level three which is great. Sadly all you get for the iPhone is a watered down version of game – Angry Birds Lite – which sucks.

In comparison, the game play is far better on the HTC Desire than the iPhone 4, the game is also free on Android whereas it will cost you a Dollar or around R7 in SA if you are able to locate it. I have 3 itunes accounts all of which are officially useless to buy the game from SA.

The iPhone 4 also according to Jobs is supposed to have much better screen than the competitors out there, but again if you use Angry Birds as the measure, the iPhone 4 does poorly at displaying this game. The hardware spec has been juiced up a bit as the the iPhone now comes with a 1Ghz processor (it needed that) I somehow am still not totally impressed. I am hoping to playing around with some jailbreaking option and cydia and test out whether I can extend the power of the device.

For now, rather take your money and get a Nexus S – yes I know it’s a Samsung, but it promises more than I have found so far on the iPhone.


Apple iPhone 4, we welcome you

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iPhone 4After launching a few months ago, I decided it was time to give this number a test drive. So officially today my new device is the Apple iPhone 4. It’s busy charging at the moment, so hopefully later in the day I get to play a bit more.

First things first – I had to go get a new micro sim in order to use the phone and the new sim will take about two hours to activate. It’s a bit of a pain seeing as every other device manufacturer uses the default sim card.

With all the crazy talk about the antennae issue, I also got myself a cover just incase.

Looking forward to see how the iPhone 4 matches up against the HTC Desire

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