My Mobiles

I’m not sure how healthy it is, but from around 2000 until now (2010), I have had 63 mobile phones. This then averages around 6 mobiles a year. I have used almost every popular brand out there except for LG and Phillips. The majority of my mobiles have been Nokia phones simply because they were great mobile phones.

Current Devices:
Model: Nokia Lumia 920 32GB
OS Version: Windows Phone 8
Mod Version: None

Model: Samsung Galaxy Note 32Gb
OS version: Android 4.1.1
Mod Version: Cyanogen Mod 9

Model: Samsung Galaxy Pocket

Mobile Phones 1998 - 2010

Mobile Phones 1998 – 2010

Alcatel OT 511
Alcatel 511 Apple iPhone 2G Apple iPhone 3Gs BlackBerry Curve 8900 Ericsson T10s
Alcatel OT 511
Ericsson R600 Ericsson T20s Ericsson T28s Ericsson T68 Ericsson 628
Alcatel OT 511
HTC Desire HTC S710 HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Pro HTC TyTN II
Alcatel OT 511 Alcatel OT 511
Motorola C350 Motorola E398 Motorola Razr V3 Motorola T190 Motorola T191
Alcatel OT 511 Alcatel OT 511 Alcatel OT 511
Motorola V300 Motorola V360 Motorola V600 Motorola V620 Nokia 3210
Alcatel OT 511
Nokia 3310 Nokia 3330 Nokia 3410 Nokia 3510 Nokia 5110
Alcatel OT 511
Nokia 5210 Nokia 6110 Nokia 6110 Navigator Nokia 6150 Nokia 6210
Alcatel OT 511
Nokia 6230 Nokia 6230i Nokia 6310i Nokia 6600 Nokia 6630
Alcatel OT 511
Nokia 6680 Nokia 7110 Nokia 7600 Nokia 8210 Nokia 8310
Alcatel OT 511
Nokia 9300 Nokia 9500 Nokia E71 Nokia N70 Nokia N73
Alcatel OT 511
Nokia N81 Nokia N91 Nokia N95 Nokia N95 8GB Nokia N96
Alcatel OT 511
Nokia N97 Nokia N900 Samsung D500 Samsung D600 Samsung D900i
Alcatel OT 511
Samsung E250 Samsung i900 Omnia Siemens C25
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