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Efficient vs Effective

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Work Life Effectiveness

Work Life Effectiveness (Photo credit: Mike “Dakinewavamon” Kline)

I often wonder why somethings fail and somethings succeed in life. It may sound like a profound and deep question but really at the most basic level, why do somethings succeed and some fail?

How about from a marketing point of view? It’s an interesting question because looking around at some of the brands out and the efforts made to market, you almost think that some just completely waste their time. Forgettable becomes an understatement and I’m forced to ask myself, has the objective been met.

Objective can be subjective depending on who you ask, some believe their little world is all that exists and on a larger scale that may be so, if you are Apple or Google! but if you are not, then interdependence, leadership, guidance, and trust become very important.

It’s also the case of “quick verses quality”, or more simply, “efficient verses effective”.

What’s the difference?

Those wanting to be efficient see it as the driver or purpose, you often hear the words streamlined or automated which are great if used correctly. But being efficient should never take the place of being effective. I could from a religious point of view explain this with ease by simply looking at how over time, very little has changed in the format of Christianity or any religion actually, why? Well because while we have had many enhancements, they do not always present themselves as effective.

Let me elaborate: a preacher could tell to you just read your bible on your iPad and that’s his sermon. But would it be effective in carrying his message to you, his tone, his zeal for the matter? What about those without iPad or those who cannot read. In an effort to be efficient, the preacher would have failed to be effective.

The secular world is just the same. So what’s the point of this? While we may think being efficient is the way to go, we have to understand that if what you are doing is not received as you intended then all your efforts on efficiency have been wasted because you were not effective.

Rather make an effort to make objectives higher than yourself, set goals just little beyond your reach so that you get out of the comfort zone and actually try. Instead of just wanting to be first in the class, try to be best in the class.



Jailbreak iPhone devices with Greenpoins0n RC5 / fix errors

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Greenpois0n RC5Greenpois0n is here and it’s looking good. Took me some time to figure out how to get it working correctly as there are still a few bugs but apart the installation bugs, everything else work perfectly. So heres the quick guide to getting your iPhone device jailbroken and getting past any issues you may have.

You will need:
Redsnow 0.9.7b6


1. Connect your iPhone and close iTunes
2. Click Applications >> Utilities >> Terminal
3. Type in the following: sudo nano /private/etc/hosts
4. This will open your host file, simply add a # in front of the line and then save the file
5. Still in Terminal, type in the follow (please add a space after the word “open” and then drag Greenpois0n to Terminal): sudo open
6. Terminal will open Greenpois0n with superuser access
7. Follow Jailbreak instructions on Greenpois0n
8. At the third step of the jailbreak – DO NOT LET GO OF HOME Button –
9. Even though it looks stuck on your phone, if you look at Greenpois0n on your MAC you will see the process bar is still going, letting go of home screws up this process.
10. Once you done jailbreaking you will see you have “Loader” as a new icon and no Cydia
11. “Loader” has an error, just ignore it and do this to get Cydia
12. Run Redsnow 0.9.7b6 >> select “Install Cydia” and let Redsnow do it’s thing
13. Don’t worry about your Untethered Jailbreak you will still have it once Redsnow completes.
14. Once complete you will have Cydia, simply open Loader >> option >> delete app
15. Done

Sony and GeoHot (George Hotz)

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It’s interesting to see how the digital world develops, it is the strangest environment imaginable and yet some the environment itself provides enough evidence for people / business to see “What’s next”. People and business though never react in a logical manner and it makes you think – “How stupid are we?”

GeoHot became famous a few years ago as one of the youngest people to jailbreak an iPhone, his first jailbreak was a hardware jailbreak, which then lead to a world of new opportunities for anyone owning an iPhone, the solutions for jailbreaking quickly became software jailbreaks and more more people are using them.

Apple has tried to with every new version of iOS to block out the exploits but as with anything in life, there is always a way around it.

GeoHotz then turned his sights on Sony with the PS3 and as you imagine, Sony try to stop it as well – Sony took the rough mean, “I’ll smash you into pieces” approach and at present have a temporary restraining order against GeoHot – pretty much GeoHot cannot provided his Jailbrak solution for the PS3.

For the old people at Sony: Here’s the thing about technology / information and innovation, no matter how hard you try you cannot stop technology from improving. Sony announced a new firmware update and within 24 hours of the announcement – the new firmware was jailbroken.

It should provide a good lesson for the old (thinkers) of this digital age – stop fighting development / embrace it and allow it to assist you in defining how far you can progress. The fact that someone can jailbreak your software means that your software is not perfect, it means that there is a kid out there that is smarter than you senior developer. Slapping him with a restraining order, will just get some other kid out to make you look stupid.

Respect to GeoHot and KaKaRoToKS –

KaKaRoToKS for jailbreaking PS3 firmware v3.56

The trends for 2011

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Happy New Year everyone!

Right, down to business, 2010 in review shows us many key technologies to follow and it’s almost easy to see what’s coming out next. IBM are determined to bring holographic calling to mobile and who knows maybe by 2015 they will. There are more current happenings such as the unbelievable rate that Mobile has taken off.

BlackBerry (RIM) has almost become a non-existent player with Apple and Google dominating the arena. The battle for Mobile OS domination remains close between these three companies, with Apple still being the best for Developers to make money and Google being the best for the consumer.

The key trends for 2011 in mobile will no doubt be the avenue of payments, this is certain. The ability to control your life from your mobile phone is where the world is heading  and the alarming rate of financial companies getting involved in the social sphere simply confirms that surely this is the future of 2011.

You would have heard about Goldman Sachs and the R50 Billion they putting in Facebook, you may even have heard about how JP Morgan is expecting its eCommerce revenue to grow by nearly 20% this year.

The need for mobile payments platform that is secure and easy to use has arisen – the question is who will answer the call?

Visa vs Mastercard, in our massive universe, these 2 seem to me like the only two who can pull this off. Yes the associated Wiki Leaks hackers gave them a freight but I do believe that one of these two is going to come out victorious in 2011.

So what’s your company doing in 2011?

Facebook has 500 million users today

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The company confirmed today that it has hit the 500 million user mark. Thinking back to the start of Facebook in 2004 its impressive to see how far the company has progressed. But it has not been all rosy.  Facebook in recent times has had to deal with the many concerns about privacy. It is also interesting to look back see how when Facebook went public practically every company saw it as a threat and wanted the social networking site blocked. Since that time companies have shifted their thinking and every marketing opportunity to use Facebook has popped up.

Facebook has brought a new principle for the working environment, “the need to interact” it has also proven that by trying to block facebook in the early stages all employers did was to enable their staff to find innovation ways of interacting with Facebook and gave Facebook a reason to build on the mobile platform.

The lesson is be careful how to try to curb staff from interacting as this forces them to find alternatives and being human, the very first post would be something along the lines of “my company sucks – they don’t allow Facebook” as an example. It is also wise to be smart, when you see a trend appear, instead of just looking at the risks, try to see how this so-called can be positively used in business.

No doubt most companies at this very point are building on creating a more social environment within the business. This is a good step forward, and hats off to Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s amazing milestone.

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Eugene Chetty @ TEDx UKZN – Watch my video

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Android 2.2 and Adobe Flash 10.1

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Android 2.2 (Froyo) running Adobe Flash 10.1

Android 2.2 (Froyo) running Adobe Flash 10.1

Ok, so I am pretty much sick and tired of people writing crappy blogs about how Adobe Flash on a mobile phone slows it down and that’s why they are in favour of Apple.

Lets once again lay the ground work to understanding this.

Adobe Flash was designed to bring rich media content (eg. cool games and videos) to the web, it provided a medium for developers and designers to create amazing web content and deliver to multiple platforms.

By the very nature of it Flash based content would slow down a web page because it it using rich content. Now take this logic to Mobile. Mobi sites loaded faster because there was no rich content for mobile it would just use more bandwidth and was not feasible.

But now with Adobe looking at creating software that allows content to go to any platform the logical next step is to take rich content to Mobile.

If you are not stupid then you would already know that naturally a web / mobi page will load slower if there is rich content on it. Alot of mobile phones come with a YouTube app, have you tried loading up a video on it? It’s really slow!

The idea is to get your head out your bum and realize that the early stages of any new development is always the shakiest. This is when the bugs get ironed out and when you start building on the development to create a master piece.

Adobe Flash on Mobile is exactly the same. Give the platform a chance and you will see objectively whether it is worthwhile or not.

For the crazy people who lack a brain – damn guys, whether you browse a website with rich content or a mobi site with rich content, it is not Flash that slows it down, it is Flash trying to give you an amazing experience by playing that rich content that slows it down. (It is not the YouTube mobile app that is slow it is the videos YouTube is streaming.) Getit?


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