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Design Indaba 2011 – Done and dusted

It was lovely being in Cape Town last week, the beautiful weather, the friendly people and of course the fish and chips! The Design Indaba this year has seemed to be a bit disappointing.

Just a very quick overview on the Indaba 2011, there were plenty of speakers, who lacked a certain presentation skill, they might have had the very best subject matter, but their presentation let them down with the exception of Robert Wong, Oded Ezer, Michael Wolff, Mark Shuttleworth, Charlie Todd and Alberto Alessi. These truly were the speakers that inspired me to think about how I can add value creatively to improve the world we live in.

With no respect to any other speaker, it just seemed that the quality of speakers from years gone by has drifted and no to mention that in this every changing world where Digital has become pivotal it amazed me that the Indaba had such a small showing as far as digital goes.

This was the biggest disappointment to me.

The setting of Cape Town International Convention Centre was great, the creative on plasma and other displays was also sadly disappointing, with this irritating Absa promo clip that they kept playing and not just playing they kept playing it a million times a day.

Heads Up guys – We are creative people, WE GET BORED easily. I hope next year has a few more and importantly, better display advertising.

Ok enough with the disappointments, but really people attend this event looking for that dare to be great moment, with the notion that they will be inspired by the wonder and amazement of industry experts.

I certainly believe the highlight by far was Robert Wong, such an excellent speaker, just a pity he was the practically the last speaker on the last day.

I see this event as having such potential and I really hope next year is up to scratch.


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