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Jailbreak iPhone devices with Greenpoins0n RC5 / fix errors

Greenpois0n RC5Greenpois0n is here and it’s looking good. Took me some time to figure out how to get it working correctly as there are still a few bugs but apart the installation bugs, everything else work perfectly. So heres the quick guide to getting your iPhone device jailbroken and getting past any issues you may have.

You will need:
Redsnow 0.9.7b6


1. Connect your iPhone and close iTunes
2. Click Applications >> Utilities >> Terminal
3. Type in the following: sudo nano /private/etc/hosts
4. This will open your host file, simply add a # in front of the gs.apple line and then save the file
5. Still in Terminal, type in the follow (please add a space after the word “open” and then drag Greenpois0n to Terminal): sudo open
6. Terminal will open Greenpois0n with superuser access
7. Follow Jailbreak instructions on Greenpois0n
8. At the third step of the jailbreak – DO NOT LET GO OF HOME Button –
9. Even though it looks stuck on your phone, if you look at Greenpois0n on your MAC you will see the process bar is still going, letting go of home screws up this process.
10. Once you done jailbreaking you will see you have “Loader” as a new icon and no Cydia
11. “Loader” has an error, just ignore it and do this to get Cydia
12. Run Redsnow 0.9.7b6 >> select “Install Cydia” and let Redsnow do it’s thing
13. Don’t worry about your Untethered Jailbreak you will still have it once Redsnow completes.
14. Once complete you will have Cydia, simply open Loader >> option >> delete app
15. Done

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