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Sony and GeoHot (George Hotz)

It’s interesting to see how the digital world develops, it is the strangest environment imaginable and yet some the environment itself provides enough evidence for people / business to see “What’s next”. People and business though never react in a logical manner and it makes you think – “How stupid are we?”

GeoHot became famous a few years ago as one of the youngest people to jailbreak an iPhone, his first jailbreak was a hardware jailbreak, which then lead to a world of new opportunities for anyone owning an iPhone, the solutions for jailbreaking quickly became software jailbreaks and more more people are using them.

Apple has tried to with every new version of iOS to block out the exploits but as with anything in life, there is always a way around it.

GeoHotz then turned his sights on Sony with the PS3 and as you imagine, Sony try to stop it as well – Sony took the rough mean, “I’ll smash you into pieces” approach and at present have a temporary restraining order against GeoHot – pretty much GeoHot cannot provided his Jailbrak solution for the PS3.

For the old people at Sony: Here’s the thing about technology / information and innovation, no matter how hard you try you cannot stop technology from improving. Sony announced a new firmware update and within 24 hours of the announcement – the new firmware was jailbroken.

It should provide a good lesson for the old (thinkers) of this digital age – stop fighting development / embrace it and allow it to assist you in defining how far you can progress. The fact that someone can jailbreak your software means that your software is not perfect, it means that there is a kid out there that is smarter than you senior developer. Slapping him with a restraining order, will just get some other kid out to make you look stupid.

Respect to GeoHot and KaKaRoToKS –

KaKaRoToKS for jailbreaking PS3 firmware v3.56

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