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iPhone 4: In perspective

The last few days with the iPhone have proven to be quite interesting, while I still affirm that Steve Jobs is crazy and that his policies are stupid I have to admit that just like the previous iPhone (3Gs), this one also has that sexiness about it. The feeling of “I’m cool” because I have an iPhone.

While I may have an iPhone, the reality is that while it may be pretty, the battery life on the iPhone 4 is terrible. If you even dare leave a background application running, you are doomed…

I enjoyed playing a round of Angry Birds on my HTC Desire, I managed to get to level three which is great. Sadly all you get for the iPhone is a watered down version of game – Angry Birds Lite – which sucks.

In comparison, the game play is far better on the HTC Desire than the iPhone 4, the game is also free on Android whereas it will cost you a Dollar or around R7 in SA if you are able to locate it. I have 3 itunes accounts all of which are officially useless to buy the game from SA.

The iPhone 4 also according to Jobs is supposed to have much better screen than the competitors out there, but again if you use Angry Birds as the measure, the iPhone 4 does poorly at displaying this game. The hardware spec has been juiced up a bit as the the iPhone now comes with a 1Ghz processor (it needed that) I somehow am still not totally impressed. I am hoping to playing around with some jailbreaking option and cydia and test out whether I can extend the power of the device.

For now, rather take your money and get a Nexus S – yes I know it’s a Samsung, but it promises more than I have found so far on the iPhone.


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