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The trends for 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

Right, down to business, 2010 in review shows us many key technologies to follow and it’s almost easy to see what’s coming out next. IBM are determined to bring holographic calling to mobile and who knows maybe by 2015 they will. There are more current happenings such as the unbelievable rate that Mobile has taken off.

BlackBerry (RIM) has almost become a non-existent player with Apple and Google dominating the arena. The battle for Mobile OS domination remains close between these three companies, with Apple still being the best for Developers to make money and Google being the best for the consumer.

The key trends for 2011 in mobile will no doubt be the avenue of payments, this is certain. The ability to control your life from your mobile phone is where the world is heading  and the alarming rate of financial companies getting involved in the social sphere simply confirms that surely this is the future of 2011.

You would have heard about Goldman Sachs and the R50 Billion they putting in Facebook, you may even have heard about how JP Morgan is expecting its eCommerce revenue to grow by nearly 20% this year.

The need for mobile payments platform that is secure and easy to use has arisen – the question is who will answer the call?

Visa vs Mastercard, in our massive universe, these 2 seem to me like the only two who can pull this off. Yes the associated Wiki Leaks hackers gave them a freight but I do believe that one of these two is going to come out victorious in 2011.

So what’s your company doing in 2011?

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