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Hot Rumor: Samsung Nexus S

Samsung Nexus S - Image courtesy gizmodo.com

Samsung Nexus S - Image courtesy gizmodo.com

The world of smartphones is all the buzz at the moment. New stats released show Android clearly hot on the heels of Symbian. This comes as no surprise with Nokia still failing to make any moves in the right direction.

Samsung have tried out a few Operating systems before, a while back used an Omnia with WinMo 6.1 which I upgraded to an unofficial cooked version of the 6.5 ROM. Samsung have run their own OS, Microsoft OS and now they are blasting away with Google’s Android.

The difference though in mobile devices is not just the operating system. The specs are just as important.

The rumored specs on the Nexus S are as follows:

– The Nexus is believed to be running the standard User Interface – which means the manufacturer can’t add in their own user interface like in the case of HTC.

– The Nexus S will be running Android 3 GingerBread

– The device will feature dual camera and will film in HD

– It will contain a Google logo on the back of the device

– The processor will run at 1.2GHz

– 16GB internal storage

All in all, it looks impressive and i am eager to see how true this rumor turns out to be.

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