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BlackBerry gets the “boot” from Dell

Dell Venue

Dell Venue

I respect Rim for bringing the wonder of email on mobile to the world, but like Nokia, the evolution of the brand has died. Yes BlackBerry and their loyal users would disagree but the truth is, in our changing environment – having email on mobile is not old news. There are still many companies using BlackBerry as the preferred device for business yet in the long term it just does not make sense.

Why should you have to put a BlackBerry server in front of ActiveSync?

Dell is pretty much saying bye bye to BlackBerry and hello to Windows Phone 7 (WP7). It’s not surprising, not at all! Each OS offers something unique and different, you can take iOS and know that you will get some awesome touch screen software. Take Android and you know you getting an internet device that is amazing with lots of Mods available. With WinMo as it was called while still at version 6 and 6.1 offered functionality. It was not user friendly at all, but syncing up to your PC was seamless and if you were a pc user, understanding the device was easy as well.

Microsoft did however need to get the usability right and I think (I say think because I haven’t used a WP7 device as yet) they have. Early adopters and research points in this direction. It may well just be a craze at the moment, but it has enough power to make a significant change I believe.

The Dell move is important, 25 000 employees getting rid of BB and opting for WP7 should make RIM pretty angry. I don’t think the specs on the Dell Venue (That’s the mobile employees will get) are great in fact its a bit common except for the OS. 5mp camera, 8Gb memory and so forth. Nokia has been 16 million colours screen for years now. So nothing out of the ordinary in the hardware…

But as any programmer will tell you, it’s not just about the hardware – If WP7 lives up to Apple / Google standard, there might be something great in WP7!

Depending how how Apple and Google respond I think we might be in for exciting times.

Next step for me – Beg Microsoft for a WP7 device.



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