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The rise of fall of Nokia

Dying Nokia

Dying Nokia

I recently added a new page to my blog where I detail all the mobile phones I have had over the last 10 years or so. Nokia dominate the list with an impressive 33 mobile phones, the next closest rival is Motorola with 9 mobile phones. This however is history and if you had to ask me which brand and OS I prefer, I would go HTC and Android.

Nokia have slowly but surely let themselves slip into nothingness. With several failed attempts at smartphones and now losing ground in India at an alarming rate, I’m beginning to wonder if this is the start of the end for the previous mobile phone giant?

Nokia obviously deny it, but without an actual challenge to the arena, I think they are pretty much screwed. Their PR / social network company WOMWorld/Nokia takes an interesting approach to it all, by only displaying good messages about Nokia, which again, is rather silly. Instead of trying to paint roses about Nokia, rather listen to what’s being said and use that information.

Nokia is dying, and really need to go back to the drawing board. Here’s the advice, scrap what you think you you know about mobiles, because it may have worked when I owned my 33 mobile phones but it certainly does not work now which should be evident from the survey results in India.

RIM, Apple and Android took changes in Market and adapted quickly in order to find appeal and ensure their devices sell. A good note from Apple is that even if you have a crap product, like the iPhone 4 with it problems, you can sell it and make a profit because it has the right mix of smartphone in it.

Go hire an interface designer and someone that knows touch screens and technology. Get rid of your fat cats, because should you not – by 2014 Android is going to hold the market share and Nokia is going to be a distant memory.

  1. 13/10/2010 at 4:45 pm

    Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for your feedback, we’re always interested to hear what the tech community thinks of our contribution. The truth is that we’re always looking to improve, so we’re as useful to you guys as we can possibly be.

    For this reason, I just wanted to make you aware that we’ve absolutely taken your opinion on board that we’re highlighting to much ‘positive’ and not enough ‘negative’.

    Personally, I’d agree that our output has been a touch more positive lately, but that’s largely because of the general feeling of the community. What with the new announcements / releases (N8, E7, the new Cseries devices etc.), they all seem to have gone down pretty well.

    However, I think it’s also fair to say that we have been quite open with negativity around some of the devices released prior to these; for instance, the N97 and certain aspects of the N900.

    If you feel that we’ve missed anything in particular or have any other feedback, then please do feel free to contact me on chris at womworld dot com.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Chris, WOMWorld/Nokia

    • 04/11/2010 at 10:31 am

      Hi Chris, I appreciate your comments. I receive an RSS feed of the post on WOMWorld / Nokia, and rather disappointing I do not ever see the truth about Nokia. The wonderful world of Online is about information yet it really is not a true reflection of Nokia at present. Device like the N900 in all honesty are not good devices (good defined by value for money verses technology and trending) It’s common knowledge that Nokia has practically been kicked out the smartphone race and is suffering. Android is quickly catching it and yet none of this information is every displayed on WOMWorld, its not an attempt to put Nokia down, by no means, I have always been a Nokia lover and having had over 30 Nokia devices by far Nokia was always my first choice. Fair and open dialog is an effort to get Nokia alive again, maybe they will get a wakeup call and catch up with the Trends.

      In any event, all I’m saying is what you guys do is good, but it would be great if you would reflect Nokia as they appear. This I believe would be more helpful to Nokia, than just reading positives about the Brand.

      Good luck and thanks for responding.


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