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Nokia pimps out the N9, it looks like a MacBook!

Nokia N9

Nokia N9

I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad with Nokia. They have in recent times lost their appeal due to focusing on feature phones and basic phones and failing to capitalize on the smart phone boom. They definitely were onto something when they built the N97 and once again I am hopeful that they can redeem themselves with the N9.

There were some leaked images on Gizmodo and from first look – if you minus the “Nokia” at the top of the phone, you would think its a MacBook. Let me not get ahead of myself.

The phones that I am most interested in from Nokia at the moment are the N8 and N9, they are both touch based however I like matching them up to the N96 and N97.

Looking back the N96 was for those people who wanted an awesome phone, with a ton of great features and was not touch screen. The N97 followed through on the same principle being awesome, but included a touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard.

The N8 and N9 has designed the same except that the N9 comes with the full QWERTY keyboard. What stands out is that Nokia are seemingly trying everything to not fade into the night. The keyboard on the N9 is a mirror image of the MacBook, I’m pretty sure I’m safe in saying Nokia are trying to use a popular design to make their product popular.

I wrote a while back how the age of the internet is not about copying, its about sharing, I think if Nokia can pack some muscle behind the N9 and call in a user interface designer to make the OS better, they could redeem themselves. Stop listening to the marketing peeps about MeeGO and symbian and whatever else, Put a bloody decent OS and you will be back on the market.

There is a few things Nokia has that the competitors don’t:

1. Reputation
2. Reliability
3. Reach

Nokia is one of favorite brands, and have been for a long time, they have disappointed by not keeping up with the trends or capitalizing on their market share. The move to focus on services rather than mobile has caused them now to be desperate for the N8 and N9 to be a success.

The mobile industry challenges companies to innovate and think out the box, if you cannot do that they you’re pretty much washed up. Oh yes and if you’re going to copy something make sure you copy it and then improve the hell out of it. Please Nokia ensure that when you hold the N9, that you still can make a call, unlike the iPhone 4. 🙂

Good Luck Nokia.

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