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Creative sessions, brainstorming, workshops – making it work!

Brainstorming, Creative Sessions and workshops

Brainstorming, Creative Sessions and workshops

Most creative teams –  no I lie – all creative teams, have some kind of brainstorm or workshop with the aim of creating ideas, however this can sometimes hurt instead of help.

It’s not just about getting an idea, I mean think about it, anyone can get an idea, it about how you take that idea and make it a reality. A lot of the time in these brainstorms, the people involved have no idea about how things actually work and because I’m in Digital I will use this as an example.

When you brainstorm about creating a game, the digitally minded people would think about the follow through and implementation, the finer details. the marketing guys will brainstorm how pretty and perfect the game must be, but that’s were the thinking would end.

If the brainstorm does not cover all aspects it will fail. An idea is just the start in fact it’s the very small part of the bigger picture. The sad thing is that in a brainstorm or workshop all we really do is share ideas instead of actually discuss them – but this is why we have a brainstorm to find solutions, not share our thoughts and leave it there!

The ideas we have are to create solutions, and so during this entire process we should be weary that at the end of the brainstorm we should have a solution or at least be very close to it.

The other problem is that people don’t talk, no matter how stupid the idea sounds or how insane it looks, put it down – we are all unique and we think differently and so when you think something up, put it down so other can apply themselves and who knows your insane idea might be made logical by another person.

At this point we have to learn about not being precious – take your emotions and throw it out the window, get down and dirty with everything and be objective. If you’re precious about an idea you came up with, you will leave the session in tears.

During this objective stage, think about whether your idea is out of the ordinary or not, what makes your idea better than your competitors? Please, please, please, I beg you, please think about your audience and not yourself. What you think is hot and wonderful is almost never the case with the audience.

Every marketer loves using animation on their website. Every internet user with a slow internet connection, hates flash. So forget yourself and think about your audience.

Don’t live in the dark ages and be a fool – if you are designing a mobile solution – stop and realise that mobile does not just mean cellphones! Tablets, iPad’s, Steaks and more are all mobile, tiny laptops, very big touch screen phones, these are all mobile. So when you sit down to brainstorm mobile – think about the future and be intelligent in your session.

Finally, just challenge yourself – once you grounded an idea and a solution, look at it objectively and you will then have a solution that works.

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