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Facebook has 500 million users today



The company confirmed today that it has hit the 500 million user mark. Thinking back to the start of Facebook in 2004 its impressive to see how far the company has progressed. But it has not been all rosy.  Facebook in recent times has had to deal with the many concerns about privacy. It is also interesting to look back see how when Facebook went public practically every company saw it as a threat and wanted the social networking site blocked. Since that time companies have shifted their thinking and every marketing opportunity to use Facebook has popped up.

Facebook has brought a new principle for the working environment, “the need to interact” it has also proven that by trying to block facebook in the early stages all employers did was to enable their staff to find innovation ways of interacting with Facebook and gave Facebook a reason to build on the mobile platform.

The lesson is be careful how to try to curb staff from interacting as this forces them to find alternatives and being human, the very first post would be something along the lines of “my company sucks – they don’t allow Facebook” as an example. It is also wise to be smart, when you see a trend appear, instead of just looking at the risks, try to see how this so-called can be positively used in business.

No doubt most companies at this very point are building on creating a more social environment within the business. This is a good step forward, and hats off to Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s amazing milestone.

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