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iPhone 4 – Great if you don’t touch it, sucks if you do!

How stupid is Steve Jobs? I mean really… What’s more interesting is how stupid people are. Apple created a ton of hype around the iPhone 4 with everything from prototype mobiles being found in bars to Jobs iPhone 4 reveal. The phone in theory is great and sure to be a trend setter, but again I have to go back and look objectively at what we have.

The web is a-flame with stories about the iPhone reception problems, which Steve has admitted – exist! Now here is my gripe with Apple, you build a mobile and forget it’s core purpose – to be a mobile phone. What kind of phone gets a reception people when you hold it? What’s Mr Jobs answer – “Well don’t hold it like that”

Nokia has been taking a lot of flack for not keeping up to the smart phone trends, however that being said you can still buy a Nokia today and know that you can make a call and hold it the way you like to hold it, not how Steve Jobs tells you to hold it.

This is a fundamental flaw for me, everyone tells me I’m talking nonsense about Apple, but the truth is seen by their very actions and what their devices can or can’t do.

The iPhone is an accessory it’s useless as a mobile phone! So don’t be stupid and buy a phone that does everything except phone people. Buy a real mobile.

Steve and Apple, why don’t you try to make a phone that works – spend more money and time on the phone and less on your marketing tricks.

  1. 05/07/2010 at 11:00 pm

    Hi there, i have put a link in the url box thingy (hope you can see it)www.invisi-shield.com. Just wondering if anyone has used this product b4 or knows someone that has as ive been savin for quite some time now and am about to invest in the new iphone 4. The problem i have is the last phone i had the screen ended up trashed because i can not seem to break the habit of sticking in my pocket with my keys or coins etc. If im going to spend a thousand dollars on the the coolest thing under the sun then i dont want this happening again. Ive researched this a bit and the invisibleSHIELD “sounds” like the best option but as you know its a bit hard to tell from little internet pictures so if anyone could please give me some advice on this it would be muchly appreciated. Great site by the way.

    • 07/07/2010 at 4:46 pm

      Hi James,

      The truth of the matter is nothing out there can really protect a touch screen phone. The basic need is to touch it and so anything secure enough, like a hard case can be placed all around the phone except the screen. The screen protectors out there as far as I can tell work just on the concept of protecting from scratches and so forth.

      What you raise is a valid point though, I am very aware of my HTC Desire and yes it cost a fortune. So I got a full pouch that it slides into and I never put it in my back pocket. I’m so scared of the screen breaking that even when I jump into my car I first make sure the mobile is out of my front pockets.

      So far this has worked for me.

      Cheers James

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