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Epic Fail – Nokia N900

Nokia N900I don’t deny that I’m not a fan of Apple, I think their way of business stinks. That being said I am always fair and honest when I wrote about any mobile device and yes while I dislike Apple, it’s hard to deny that the iPhone Touch Screen is one of the best on the market.

Now traditionally I have always been a Nokia guy. They led the market by building mobile devices that offered great value for money. Since the advent of the Smart Phone, Nokia have tried several times now to build a device that can compete with the likes of an iPhone and now Android devices.

Having used the N900 (thanks to WOMWOrld / Nokia for the N900) now for several days, I believe it is a failed attempt for Nokia. The Device itself offers nothing by way of attraction. I did think the Maemo5 operating system might offer something to make me feel wowed, but the OS is designed stupidly.

It’s a touch device guys and the OS is styled like Windows Mobile 6.1 with small buttons and small icons. The hardware is not hot either having a infra-red connectivity. My fiancé who is by no means techno savy thought the device looked boring and she laughed at the Infra-Red idea. Then to add insult to injury I gave the device to my mom who is using a Samsung E250. She struggled with the device not knowing where top from bottom. She pretty much hated it.

So what the verdict? Nokia have shifted away from Symbian and I somehow don’t think it’s a good move right now. The N900 is not a worthwhile buy and if you are looking for a Nokia stick to the tried and tested N97, which looks better and is functionally easier to use.

Next Device to test: N8

Here’s a far fetched idea – a Nokia device running Android.

  1. vyshakh
    08/07/2012 at 8:50 pm

    that is because you dont know how to use it.
    try evopedia, aircrack-ng in it. and find any other phone in the world supporting it.

    • 09/07/2012 at 9:25 am

      Weird that you say. I accept that I am no expert on anything however I have had over 70 mobile devices and based on my experience of these devices. The N900 is a fail. I stand by it and also respect your opinion. I will be writing about the new Lumia, pretty good, but again a fail because there is a serious lack of apps.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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