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Nokia N900 – First touch

Thanks to the guys out in WOMWorld / Nokia, I just received the Nokia N900.

So what do we have:

At face value it looks good, built solidly and very similar in design to the N97. The first thing you will notice when you pick it up is that it is pretty heavy. Compared to my HTC Desire, it’s like a brick – (fine I’m lying it’s not a brick but it is very very heavy). The new Maemo5 operating system loads nicely and offers a very different look startup screen. That being said the content is still the same just the way its displayed has changed.

What we have though,  I feel, ( just from a first look) is a bit disappointing. The mobile comes with a stylus albeit nicely built as part of the device but come on Nokia – a stylus in a world where we want to use touch screen devices with nothing but our hands. This to me is a clear indication that the touch screen on this device is not as good as an iPhone or a Android HTC.

One sad thing is that it’s clear what Nokia need to do yet for some reason they just can’t.

The Maemo5 OS application list is very similar to traditional Nokia / Symbian list. The scrolling is a bit sticky but I assume it’s because the mobile needs a good format to get it working like new.

I will test run the phone over the next few days to see whether its any good and will promptly post my thoughts. So far it’s mixed feeling. I’m hoping the operating system can wow me. Will post related applications tomorrow.


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