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WOMWorld / Nokia N900 & me

Nokia N900 with Maemo 5

A while back I received an email from WOMWorld / Nokia and from what I could tell at the time, they were like the social media / digital watchdog for Nokia. It was actually quite cool getting an email from them asking me to demo some of the newer mobile phones out there.

Interestingly enough some time this week I hope to get my hands on the Nokia N900 which was released some time last year. It supposed to be running a new operating system so not the usually Symbian OS rather an OS called Maemo 5. As always I like getting my research done, so here is what I can see on paper already:

The phone is a touch screen but with a lousy 65 000 color screen. Having had a iPhone 3Gs with 16 million colors I feel Nokia may have short changed us a little. That being said, the pixels is far better than most with 800 x 480 screen. It has a nice 32GB of storage space, that’s always great. It also has a 5mp camera, now normally this would be great but because Nokia have been doing 5mp since the N95, I again feel a little cheated.

One nice change for me is the move away from Symbian to Maemo 5 as the operating system. Like Android Maemo 5 is designed with Internet as almost the core, which is good. Should I even say it has multi tasking, I might make a few Apple peeps angry with that one. Not to mention it also has Adobe Flash… HAHAHAHAHAHA (Laugh like a mad scientist)

Ok back to the phone hardware – Disappointing 600 MHz processor again it’s disappointing because Nokia have already built mobiles with this kind of processor, besides that the Smartphone competitors like HTC are already pushing 1.5 Ghz processors, that’s more than double the processing power of the Nokia.

Another advantage for Nokia is the free voice guided navigation, so throw away your old Garmin or Tom Tom, just use your mobile. I have to also side with Nokia on Navigation – there is no arguing, their navigation is better than a Garmin or Tom Tom – that’s just a fact for now. (Will try to write a post later today as to why)

Finally on paper – the true price should be around R 5000. Lets see what we get it for in South Africa.

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