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Android 2.2 and Adobe Flash 10.1

Android 2.2 (Froyo) running Adobe Flash 10.1

Android 2.2 (Froyo) running Adobe Flash 10.1

Ok, so I am pretty much sick and tired of people writing crappy blogs about how Adobe Flash on a mobile phone slows it down and that’s why they are in favour of Apple.

Lets once again lay the ground work to understanding this.

Adobe Flash was designed to bring rich media content (eg. cool games and videos) to the web, it provided a medium for developers and designers to create amazing web content and deliver to multiple platforms.

By the very nature of it Flash based content would slow down a web page because it it using rich content. Now take this logic to Mobile. Mobi sites loaded faster because there was no rich content for mobile it would just use more bandwidth and was not feasible.

But now with Adobe looking at creating software that allows content to go to any platform the logical next step is to take rich content to Mobile.

If you are not stupid then you would already know that naturally a web / mobi page will load slower if there is rich content on it. Alot of mobile phones come with a YouTube app, have you tried loading up a video on it? It’s really slow!

The idea is to get your head out your bum and realize that the early stages of any new development is always the shakiest. This is when the bugs get ironed out and when you start building on the development to create a master piece.

Adobe Flash on Mobile is exactly the same. Give the platform a chance and you will see objectively whether it is worthwhile or not.

For the crazy people who lack a brain – damn guys, whether you browse a website with rich content or a mobi site with rich content, it is not Flash that slows it down, it is Flash trying to give you an amazing experience by playing that rich content that slows it down. (It is not the YouTube mobile app that is slow it is the videos YouTube is streaming.) Getit?


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