HTML5 – The explanation

With the natural progression of the web language from HTML 1 to current 4.01, the logical next step would be HTML5, and there’s more to it than just a name change.

The main idea or focus of HTML5 is to lessen the need for plugins to display rich internet applications. Plugins would refer to such apps as Adobe’s Flash Player, Microsoft’s Silverlight and Sun Micro systems JavaFX.

You all would be familiar with at least 1 or 2 of these names, seeing that the majority of Internet video is played of a Flash player.

HTML5 is still just in early stages, there are working stable modules and I am certain that they will start being used more and more, Adobe are already looking at implementing the necessary changes to allow users to generate webpage’s in HTML5.

The deeper you look in to HTML5 the more you start to see where it is all going. Semantic web often tagged Web 3.0 is leading toward making the web smarter. The idea that a parrot repeats what a human says but does not understand it is where we are with the internet at the moment. We tell the web what to do and it does it but does not understand why we are giving that instruction.

The semantic web changes that into helping our computers understand what we are doing. So the way a web page is coded will be designed at making the web page “computer friendly”.

In turn this will aid us as our computers offer a better array of features. When we search, the results would be better, when we interact the experience would be richer and so on goes.

Will HTML5 get rid of Adobe Flash, Silverlight and Java – Yes and No. Yes in the long term HTML5 will develop and become more widely used. As for now – Adobe Flash is here to stay. Silverlight never took off and Java runs so quietly in background that you never even know it’s there.

The prep work however needs to start now – start incorporating the standard into how we currently work on web and when the wave hits, all we need to do is take out our surf boards and ride the wave…

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