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HTC Desire

I have written several posts now about mobile and what is current and what in my humble opinion are the best available on the market. I have not to date reviewed or even played around with any Android based mobiles devices.

HTC Desire

For the most part it was because the hardware specs on the mobiles were never worthwhile. Thus the N96 / N97 / iPhone continued strong until now. The HTC Desire comes with some pretty awesome specs not to mention it’s running Android 2.1 or eclair as Google call it.

First and foremost, what do we have?

HTC have in very simple terms copied Apple on the styling of the packaging, so what you get is your mobile in a small white box that houses just your phone, with a charger and battery along with your headphones and the usb cable.

What’s disappointing for me and one of the things that irritates me about my iPhone is that it does not come with software. So if you are a PC user who prefers Winamp to manage your music, you have to download iTunes to connect your iPhone.

The same idea now applies to the HTC Desire, when you buy the mobile you then have to download HTC Sync.

But that’s where the similarities end. The HTC Desire has its own unique interface and because its open source it means you could pretty much find a new user interface and have it loaded with no trouble at all.

Spec for spec what do we have:

The Desire has a AMOLED touch screen as opposed to the more common TFT touch screen. The AMOLED is supposed to be superior. When you switch the mobile on it looks beautiful, but then so did the iPhone. Only time will tell the true effectiveness of the AMOLED screen.

The Desire also comes with 576mb RAM which is a good amount, if you compare it to the N97 which comes with 128mb you can then understand why I say so.

The Desire also has a 5mp camera that has smile detection and geo-tagging. Perhaps the highlight is in the processing power, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and iPhone 3gs are pushing 600mhz processors while the Desire is running 1Ghz. That’s some serious processing power.

The standby time is around 360 hours on a 3G network, while the N97 and BlackBerry Bold 9700  pushes 410 hours. The talk time averages around 6 hours.

The true retail value is around R4 500.

The reason I mention the true retail value is because for some strange reason in South Africa, everything gets spiked up.

The competitors to this phone would be the iPhone 3Gs, Nokia N97 and BlackBerry Bold 9700. The iPhone retails for R6000 and both the N97 and Bold retail around R3500. These are the true values, most companies would have the figures spiked up.

Value for money, I believe the HTC Desire is the best thing to hit the market at the moment. There are still people looking with eager eyes for the HTC Incredible to launch but I think it will be over priced and will take a while to become a reasonably priced mobile.

HTC Desire gets 8/10

Apps to follow in next post.

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