Apple and Marketing

iPhone 4G (HD)

iPhone 4G (HD) Credit: Gizmodo

There are a just a few companies that know how to market properly. Apple is one such company their marketing style of minimalism is clearly seen from the design of their website and even the packaging of the iPhone and so forth.

What we don’t see is their clever marketing of getting their brand out there and creating curiosity. I have been following blogs and articles about how the iPhone 4G photos got leaked onto the internet.

 At first it was a blur about the how and then rumors settled when the story that Gray Powell from apple accidently left the new iPhone is a bar. Someone picked it up read Gray’s facebook message and then sold it to some middle man who in turn sold it to Gizmodo for $5000.

A while after all this has happened Apple now requests the phone back.

Let’s look at this for a moment: “Objectively” – A prototype mobile phone is accidently left at a bar. Unless you’re a moron, you don’t leave prototypes lying around. People are so caught up in the world of Apple that they are blind to the obvious, it’s an Apple trick. The amount of blogs, pictures and articles online because of this accident has created a huge amount of hype. In the first 12 hours that the news hit the web the site had more than 3 million hits.

This is called tactical marketing, Apple uses our human nature against us and we (and by we I mean the suckers that end up buying iPhones) so easily fall for it.

I affirm that beyond a shadow of doubt that in the realm of smartphones the iPhone is a piece of crap with a nice touch screen. The next time you read about the mysterious iPhone 4G just remember it’s just marketing and if you’re still blown away, then Apple have you wrapped around their little pinky finger.

Whether the prototype is real or not, doesn’t really matter, they are already inside your head. Now that’s clever marketing.

Hats off to Apple, they have two great things: (1) An awesome touch screen and (2) a damn good marketing department.


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