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The HTC Incredible

HTC Incredible

HTC Incredible

I’ve been totally screaming out against the current pop craze of the iPad in favour of more technologically advanced options and for years I have spoken out about how useless the iPhone is.

I have also in line with that mentioned that even though I believe the iPhone to be useless functionally, I cannot overlook the fact that it has an awesome touch screen and the software running the touch screen works just as well. Microsoft Windows Mobile failed in this regard and even though a Windows based mobile can offer you more functionality the user experience in WinMO 5 and 6 were terrible. Things look to be changing with the introduction of WinMo 7 and hopefull there is a better user experience coming.

Google on the other hand have been making waves recently, they continue to a super force and are really winning with mobile. HTC have developed the HTC Incredible and as the names states, just from the spec sheet – lo0ks incredible.

Here’s what’s impressed me thus far:

1.    Sleek design that looks good and is not too heavy.
2.    8mp camera (really nice pictures)
3.    1Ghz processor (really fast using the phone and apps)
4.    16m color screen (maximum number of colors for maximum impact)
5.    8gb internal memory and expandable memory card slot holds maximum 16gb (This is about average, Nokia is currently pushing 32gb on their mobile phones.)
6.    Android OS (Currently only the iPhone OS offered multi-touch, until Google arrives – yay)
7.    HSDPA 7.2 & HSUPA 2 – This is basically the speed of your downloads and uploads. Imagine uploading to Facebook from your mobile with a 2mbps line, that’s really fast guys, speeds that we are not use too as South Africans.

There are a ton of others features, however they are comonly found on other mobile phones and so cannot make this list. The phone on paper look really awesome and by far will kick the sh1t out of the iPhone and pretty much any other smartphone on the market. Although as mobiles go it may not be for very long.

My current best mobile phone on the market.

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