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The Intranet 2.0 – Thinking about your staff

The Intranet Evolution (credit: CMSWire)

The Intranet Evolution (credit: CMSWire)

Too often do employer forget about the assets of the business – and no matter where you go or who your work for or who works for you, everyone knows that staff are key. What tends to happen is that even though staff are key – employers focus on everything else – clients, shareholders, stakeholders, agencies, media partners and so forth and leave out there staff.

Companies have to consider their staff in the same light as they would their clients. What am I saying, with focus shifting in the digital space to social media and interactivity, every company out there is trying to drive their brand by using all the avenues available. The silliest thing about this is that the driving is already working for you.

Ask your staff how many of them belong to some social network? How many have written a blog or updated a status. What about watched a video online or shared photos with someone?

The truth is instead of curbing your staff from engaging in social networking, you should encourage it to be used positively. Many are starting to realise that a boring Intranet does nothing for there staff except bore them! So the answer lies in what companies want to keep their staff away from – social networking.

Companies should start to create intranet 2.0 and now just web 2.0. This is where the world – no scratch that – this is where the universe is going and what must happening is a shift in thinking. The mind set needs to now look at harnessing the potential of what the staff are already doing. They know how to chat on Facebook, how to post a video or a photo – use that internally and create unique friendship within your staff.

Your organisation must function as a team – you know all those team training sessions people have and how at everyone they always say – improve communication. How about you actually start doing it?

It’s simple guys – sit your creative team down with your technical team and ask the question, how can we make our intranet, more social how can we make it intranet 2.0 and help benefit our staff and benefit ourselves?


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