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Best Mobile Phone on the Market – 2009 / 2010

Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310

With so many mobiles available at the moment you would think it to be a mission to find one that suits everyone. People are different and the mobile phone requirements will differ from person to person, yet most people have some basic needs for there mobile –

1. Make a call
2. Send an sms / mms

These are elementary and every mobile phone is built on this. What makes a mobile phone better than the rest is the features, usuabilty and just plain coolness of the phone.

1. Camera
2. Music
3. Video
4. GPS
5. Games

… and you could add any number of things to this list.

The Nokia N97 and N96

The Nokia N97 and N96

In my humble opinon the current best mobile phone (taking into account, costs, features, styling, usability, build and so forth) has to be without a doubt the Nokia N97 and Nokia N96.

There is no equal to these mobiles. Why 2 – well because if you prefer touch screen, then the N97 is for you and if you hate touch screen, then you have the N96. Either way these mobile are the very best on the market.

Someone jumps up and screams – “Do you not know about the iPhone 3Gs?” Hey if you got the R15 000 to R18 000 cash for this mobile phone then go for it – NOT! The iPhone just lacks to much and is too difficult to get the most out of it. That even goes for the guy using an Apple Mac. Don’t be fooled – all that glitters is not always gold.

From a feature and functionality point the Nokia wins hands down, with FM tranmitter on the N97, 5mp camera, 32GB memory with a card slot should you need more space, gps, full slide out keyboard, absolutely simple email setup with webmails and even outlook if you have OWA. Look the features list could go on and on, but this is not the purpose of the post. It is simply to state that from the number of phone available on the market and taking into account cost – the Nokia N97 and N96 are far better buys than any other phone available at present.


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