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iPhone 3Gs – The latest info


So I have had this phone now for about a month or so and the truth is, all that has sold me on it is the cool factor. Lets be real and there is no one that can agree with me, a smartphone comes with way more features that the iPhone and for most technology challenged people the smartphone 90% of the time is easier to use.

Don’t get me wrong I do love my iPhone but with a battery that lasts less than a day and with special software to make the phone more powerful just does not make sense to me. When I say special software I am talking about the jailbreaking that a user must do in order to get cydia or use hacked software.

iPhone have the best touch screen ever but just on features they suck. interactivity between pc and iphone is terrible and if you are a novice at jailbreaking and so forth you will quickly find yourself getting pissed off.

Heres the lowdown so far:

It’s User Interface is great.
It’s Camera sucks.
It’s Games (if you can find the hacked one) are great.
It’s Games are not great if you have to pay for them.
It’s Battery sucks. (A day at best, and if you have a terthed jailbreak, you’re screwed if the phone dies while you traveling and don’t have a PC with Blackra1n to restart the phone – that’s right, if you have a terthed jailbreak, everytime the phone goes off you need a pc to restart it.)
It’s cool factor is still there, and the white is really neat.

so far this is where I am.

I have jailbroken my 3Gs but got rid of the jailbreak until a better jailbreak is released. Those wanting a jailbreak, search around for BlackRa1n, do so at your own risk.


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