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Always Time for Change!

Digital is always changing; it never stands still – simply because if it were to stagnate, it would die. The theory is the same for people working in the digital field. If you are not constantly moving, then you will either die (metaphorically) or become useless as a creative person.

Basically the idea is that if you are not challenging yourself, you become complacent and lose your value. As soon as you feel this happening, you know you need to boost yourself.

The Boost can come in many forms; people change portfolios, change offices, maybe even get a new job. Creativity needs to always be nurtured and developed. There will never be a time when one can say he knows everything.

The best advice I can offer is a simple hurtful line – “There is always someone better than you” That is the truth. They may not be in your company or department or even in your country, but there is always someone better than you and if you cannot try to better yourself and your skills, what good are you?

Man fails when man does not try and in failing we lose hope and courage and this is not a secret and is not something amazing to hear. Whatever the environment or field you’re in, if you do not have that passion and zeal, you really are adding no value.

 To be the best creative and technologically innovative person you almost need to take a page out of the life of a bee.

 The bee is not designed to fly, its body is much too heavy and its wings are much too small and yet the bee does fly. The bee breaks the laws of gravity and nature and each and every bee adds value to each other. No one’s task is too small; they all have to work in sync for them to survive.

 That’s it, that’s how success comes about. It is also how your JOB becomes your Jump.Outa.Bed. Most people live their lives working in a job they have to do, in order to live, one that is not fulfilling or satisfying. If you can build your passion and work hard at becoming like the bee they your crummy job becomes a good reason why you jump outa bed every day. You have first and foremost ensure you are growing and developing by learning and up skilling yourself.

 A bit of sad news with some good news:
After nearly 3 years at Primedia I have made the decision to move on and this time I am trying my hands in the Banking and Investment environment. Within the next week or so will be my final post as a Broadcasting employee and I will be sure to keep you informed as to the ins and outs of digital in the financial world.

 I will drop the new contact details within the week.


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