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The Digital Age requires Digital Choices

With so many companies starting to realise that they need to get their digital act, I thought it a good time to review a few key pointers thus far.

1.  What ever your companies strategy is, I assure in that in some way or the other digital is involved, from the butcher getting a website to advertise what he has on offer to the SAPS upgrading servers and improving communitcation methods. It’s happening all around us and people need to adjust their attitudes and accept the reality.

2. Preparation – whatever you do, it always works better when you are prepared. This is a given and works the same in the digital world, however in an effort to be prepared don’t miss the gravy train. Alot of companies get so caught up in have the very best and most perfect digital enviroment, that it takes them years to accomplish and by that time there are new better systems that are cheaper and work better. The point is be prepared but do it with speed.

3. Right skills in the right position – I cannot stress this point enough! You cannot hire a baker to fix your car. He will bake you and cake and stuff it down your petrol tank. No matter what the business, you need the right people in the right positions. An accounting firm needs accountants, a bakery needs a baker, a web team needs web designers and web developers, it’s a given. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can wing it, sooner or later you will realise what a big mistake it was!

4. Excellence does not come cheap – Want a Mercedes Benz, then you will pay a Mercedes Benz prize, it is not that it is expensive or overprized – NO! It is that way because of it being a premium brand. You are paying for quality and a car that is well worth the money – same with your employees, if you want the very best you will pay for it. But also bear in mind that for the purpose of a car (which is to take you from point A to point B) a Toyota or VW will do just as good a job, it may not get you as noticed as the Mercedes, but it will take you were you want to go. The Mercedes is for getting there in style and if that is the nature of your business, then, get out your wallets and cough up the cash.

5. You Hired Them – Now Trust Them, the worst thing about businesses today is when key persons are hired to just fill seats. You cannot hire the baker and then not listen to him when you tells you don’t use so much sugar or put more flour in. You have to trust the people you hire. That’s a given.

I hope starting 2010 that these simple principles are followed. If you want to lead a successful team, start here!

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