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Say Hello to my new friend – Nokia N97

With mobile phones changing so quickly and with manufactors like Nokia, you have no choice but to either change or switch manufactors. Try Motorola, their mobile phone shape changes but their operating system has not changed for years.

Anyway I have now got myself the Nokia N97. First noticable change is that the connectors are all mini-usb, so whether you want to charge the phone or connect it to your pc your will use the same mini usb. I like that.

My first use of the touch screen is – wow, what a big difference from the Windows Mobile interface, I am inclined to say Nokia have got the touch screen right in comparison to the iPhone. It is still early days and I will only really know what this phone is made off after a day or two. For now it’s play, play, play!

O yes and there is an industry trend at the moment in South Africa with Web Design and Mobile applications. Web Design has moved away from tradional web pages, if you know what mean – if not, basically if you needed 20 web pages worth of content, tradional answer would be to make 20 web pages. Yet with the advancement in technology and for some time now, Web Designer and Developers would use a smarter way of doing it, an example would be to create a database and one web page that just references the 20 pages worth of content from the database.

Another addition to this is the no click away idea, when you want to view a piece of content on a web page, instead of being re-directed to a new page, a screen overlay appears and you view your content without being navigated away.

The screen overlay trend is hitting everywhere. Some you are very aware of and others, you see but don’t realise it. Facebook is a good example, whereever you want to poke someone, instead of being navigated to a poke page, a small box overlays the screen and you poke whoever.

The N97’s interface is built on that, whenever an actions is required, the scren dims out and your focus is then on the overlay. If you have used Opera 10, you will see the same thing.

It’s where digital is going in many fronts an I am glad Nokia are leading the Mobile Phone battles with this idea.

Ok, time to play, chat later.

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