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The HTC Touch Pro – Rom, Rom and Roms


So over the last few days, I got my Touch Pro back I loaded a cooked rom which was a preview of Windows Mobile 6.5. the interface is great and it looks like Microsoft are heading in the right direction, getting the basics right. Such simple things as bigger buttons for easy finger navigation.

That being said the cooked ROMs I have used all work ok – There are always bugs and little things that either have been left out or simply don’t work.

Because of this I have re-loaded my stock version of Windows Mobile 6.1. and hopefully wait for the official release of Windows Mobile 6.5. Even if Microsoft don’t port it for the Touch Pro, once it releases you can be assured that the cooked roms released thereafter will be more stable and better to use.

If you want a cooked ROM, drop me an email and I will provide the link details.


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