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HTC Touch Pro – The Return

Hey, hey, hey – thats right I got my Touch Pro back from Lab88 and after a day there are a few interesting points to note.

My phone got repaired free of charge, and that is great in any lanuage. You would recall that it was bricked and I tried everything to resolve the matter on my own but no luck. I booked it in for nearly three weeks and in those three weeks, HTC has to replace the motherbaord or main board, reload the software and replace the speaker.

Now that it’s back I’m doubled minded about it. I have the BlackBerry which is working great given the fact that is it not 3G, and that my service provider has not activated my BlackBerry Internet Solution and there is no gps license with Vodafone anymore.

The Touch Pro has 3G, video calling, and there are plenty of gps software that would work great on the Touch Pro.

Since I got it back, I have loaded a new rom, so it is no longer Windows Mobile 6.1 but rather Windows Mobile 6.5. The rom I loaded works much better than most 6.5 roms out there, I will provide links to the rom tomorrow. I will also include detailed instructions on what to do when flashing your rom.

Lets hope it all goes well.

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