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Vision for Digital

In life there will always be leaders and followers, it’s true with every nation, with every business, with every family. What generally needs to happen is that forsight and forwarding thinking need to be nutured and developed. Having this kind of vision become priceless in the industry.

Why – Why is Vision so important?

Because most careers are not the actual job a person wanted, I’ll give you an example. While I was growing up computers were taking off, at the time the best on the market was a Pentium 3  – 600mhz, people were still using windows 3.1. Anyway at this point I.T. started picking up and the need for I.T. professionals. Everyone saw this as an opportunity to make some good money, yet they did not really want to do I.T. but because industry was going in that direction, they got themselves an A+ and N+ certification and got thrown into the world of I.T.

The only problem with that is that these people had no passion or vision for what they were doing and could only do what they were taught and nothing more.

This is why vision is so important.

In the digital space, the rules bend and change and can even adapt if you want to yet if you don’t have vision to see that then all you will be able to do is design HTML 101. Your thinking will also be confined to what you have seen down and very rarely will you try to test your ability and skill.

People with vision will know exactly where digital is going. I say digital because this space of creative design includes more than just websites and mobile site. There is WiFi, WAN’s, Bluetooth, holograms, USSD, and a whole host of other mediums that are available to be used.

America in most cases sets the direction in terms of what the future holds for us South Africans in the digital space. Hope of cheaper bandwidth, better internet connections, WEB 2.0 and 3.0 styled websites and so forth. A person with vision is be continually digging to find out more, to test and try and use and learn and fail and try and try and try. The idea and concept may be 2 years to soon but it will come.

Visionary people need to be embraced and need to be used as best possible. Not everyone is a visionary which is why they are so important.

Being a visionary does not end there it also requires the visionary to have understanding, in that what they envision may not be in the best interest of the business right now or even ever. Your visionary needs to see that and understand it.

Plan ahead, use the future information available and make plans for the future. Increased Bandwidth expected in South Africa, are you ready for the boom in internet, in online shopping, in online crime? Have vision enough to see that you need to be ready and you need to use all the information you have.


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