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The time of the BlackBerry

Have you noticed how when you see 1 pregnant women within the next week or so you end up seeing a few others. It’s like some unwritten law I tell you. Anyway I kinda got this feeling this past week after getting my BB Curve 8900, within the week 2 of the guys I work with also got BlackBerry’s. I thought it bit strange and even fascinating because they both had very different reasoning as to why they got the mobile.

To add to my thinking, I got a call this afternoon from my boss asking my advice on getting a new mobile. She has a HTC Touch at the moment, but she has had it for nearly two years I think. Anyway I advised her to stay with HTC, but she asked about what BlackBerry would be great for her – I told her in that case check out the BB 9700 Bold. The only problem is that Primedia does not have a BES (BlackBerry Enterprize Server) so she would not be able to hook up her mobile to receive emails like she has had on the HTC.

Anyway the point is, that the world (in this case South Africa) is changing. At one stage the iPhone was the hit of the town but the it has changed and people now look to the BlackBerry for that.

My first blog about the BB was pretty simple, I had never used one before and was not aware of all the features. Yet it stands to reason that the fame of BB is because they were the first to take emails to mobile phones and they always design and build QWERTY keyboard phones. I’m not sure why I had the iPhone pride when I got my BlackBerry but I did and it seems more  and more people are following the path.

I still stand with the believe that the mobile you have must fulfill what you need it to, the BlackBerry still falls short in that the one I have is not 3G and I still cannot hook my email up.

That said – We should be watching what BB have in store for us. The South African market is ready and waiting for the next BB introduction.


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