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The Guiding Principles

I last spoke about culture and how important it is for a business and the element that drives culture is our human nature.

It’s human nature however that we as people are born stuborn, live out our lives stuborn and finally die – (stubornly I suppose). Why do I say it like this, well because it’s due to our stuborn nature that we have no wisdom.

No don’t jump at me and tell me that you are a person full of wisdom until you understand what I mean by wisdom.

Wisdom is not knowledge –
You have read a book about how to screw a light blulb in but if you have never actually done it, then you are not wise about it. Having knowledge is great yet failure to use knowledge makes you no better that the person who see the hot oil on the stove and knows if he does not switch the stove off the oil is going to catch alight. If you don’t use knowledge how can you be a wise person.

Wisdom is Applied Knowledge –
I heard a good friend of mine say to me that the definition of wisdom is “Applied Knowledge and understanding” How true are those words. We cut outselves short either due to pride or the in-ability to say no or yes based on the knowledge we have about situations and circumstances.

Wisdom in Industry –
In any industry, you should always trust your experts, that is why you hired them right – for their expertise! You should also be weary of the “I know it all” attitude. That’s the attitude that says, I have been the head chef for 20 years and you little cleaner boy have been here but a few months and already you think you know more than me. In my kitchen this is what works so do it without questioning me, and then a week later you get bugs, then rats and then you get shut down.

The point of the story is, while the chef is in-charge his expertise is not cleaning up, the cleaner has been trained in that regard, it’s why you hired him / her right? So let them do what they do best and listen. It’s such a simple thing, just shut up and open your ears, listen, then assess if what’s been said is correct and if it is correct, then apply. Once you have the knowledge make use of it.

In the design business, there is more to it than just the money you are receiving. You need to consider all elements, if you are preparing a television ad, you have to make sure you ad is going to be appealing to your audience, if you video guy comes in and say hey to get the best results run the as at breakfast time, listen to him / her. Trust historical figures as they form the grounding to working out a good media compaign. Be true to self, audience, staff and client in that each one has a role to play.

The next time you have a question about food, ask the chef, if it’s about technology – ask me. (or someone who knows what they are talking about)

Opinions Matter –
I whole-heartedly agree, but again get opinions as addon’s or ways of improving what you are doing, do not take the opinon of an un-skilled (in that area) person over that of your skilled person. This would be a big mistake.

Also understand that the Internet is not a car dealership or a dentist office, the internet is unique and as you would ask your doctor for advice on your taxes, don’t ask the wrong people for advice – seek out the knowledgable ones. They exist.


  1. 17/10/2009 at 5:24 pm

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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