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Learn how to use failure to suceed

Failure as I mentioned before is useful if harnessed properly, and yet so often it is frowned upon without even learning anything from it.

I want to focus on this subject of failure simply because if you can understand this point correctly you would have grown in your maturity and knowledge of the Digital Industry like you can only imagine.

Why? – Why do I say that? Because the person who does not fail at some point is the one who made no effort.

Lets be real about it though, no one likes to fail it is a terrible feeling and each of us whether we acknowledge it or not has failed at some time or the other. Failure extends further than your work environment, I use myself as an example of this, I often research new developments in Technology and in particular Web Technology and every so often I will come across something that absolutely amazes me.

With my amazement comes the sense of “How”, how does it work and can I re-create it and I assure you that I fail at least 5 – 10 times in my effort to understand and re-create. Yet it doesn’t stop there, I keep going and keep going until I am completely frustrated with myself and realise I need a break before I try again. After the break I get right back at it and keep going, and 90% of the time I get it.

But there is also worldly failure, and I know how that feels as well, I have been trying to get my Drivers License for the past 5 years and having failed my test 3 times, you would think I would have just bought the License already. I refuse to do the wrong thing to obtain it. Character and virtues creates the legend of the person you are.

The monumental glaring point about failure is that you learn patience and perseverance, you know the saying “You don’t always get what you want” strangely enough that is not the complete version of the saying, it actually goes “You don’t always get what you want, but if you TRY sometimes, you get what you need” – wise words.

Here’s how I see it and hopefully you can use this in your life,

  1. Accept it – Acknowledging that you can fail is the start, if you cannot do this you cannot use failure to become a success.
  2. Learn from it – The only time failure is useless is when you do not learn from it. So when you do fail, stop and think about the situation, ask yourself what is it that I can learn from this? (I have learnt 3 things that I do incorrectly when I drive)
  3. Stand Tall – We get so worked up about failing because we think our friends and colleges are going to think the worst of us, yet in my experience it is not the one who fails that people look down on – NO – it is the one who fails and cannot handle the failure. No one looks down on the person who is seeking and trying to reach greatness.
  4. Think Quick – So often we see a failure and just leave it there, without doing anything about it. Broadcasting has taught me that if your project is failing, all you have to do is look at what is not working and adjust it. This simple idea works so well if you can just apply it.
  5. Don’t Give Up – Life’s greatest lesson is this – Persevere, Persevere, Persevere, don’t just quit because it is not going your way, keep at it and learn.
  6. Apply It – Don’t be afraid of failing, this kind of fear will rob you of any hope of success.
  7. Bigger Picture – Part of the Primedia Broadcasting Formula for success is to not be bigger picture blind. Simply put, in the case of failure be sure you understand the bigger picture, learn how fail smartly. (If you have a project due tomorrow, don’t be fancy – do it by the book. If you are working well in advance, then why not play around and give yourself room to fail, and the more you fail the more you learn.)
  8. Boldness – When you finally get it to work after all that failing and perseverance, be bold and confident about what you have just succeeded at, and use that to boost your morale for the next round of failing.

Well, that’s the pearls of wisdom for today, oh and wisdom is “APPLIED KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING” The only way this will work is if you apply it. 


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