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The Nokia N96 – testing continued

I have had the phone now for nearly 3 weeks and am happy to report back that it is great. There were a few problem I faced, like making a choice of suites to use for the mobile. Nokia give you OVI Suite which is designed I believe for the N range, however there is the actually N96 software which is a more corporate looking version of PC Suite and if you are like me and have had a Nokia before you would then already have a version of PC loaded.

Each version is unique in  a way, the old PC Suite is probally the easiest to use and because people are familar with it, most people would opt to stay with it.

I don’t really see the need for the N series PC Suite, because it’s just a look and feel change. This now leaves me with OVI, OVI is just a better integrated Suite, although some of the defining features are not available like using the desktop suite to sign into your Nokia account. For argument sake, that is the main difference for me between the suites. OVI has nicer user interface, yet it has crashed on me several time, just bear in mind it may just be that it crashes because I don’t exactly have the best range PC in the world.

More about the phone, I am so pleasantly surprized at how simple Nokia have made the Mail for Exchange service. On my Windows Mobile Phone, trying to get the email account setup was a nightmare, I.T. didn’t have valid security certificates and Windows Mobile would not allow you to just bypass it, like you would on a pc.

Nokia took are of it and provided you have a few details about your email account you can be setup in a matter of minutes.

The music player works well and crashed just once on me. I have to admit though, I really dislike the multimedia centre interface. It’s crap and slow. Nokia could have done so much better with it.

The screen is excellent during most occassions but like many phone once you get in the bright sunlight, you cannot read a word off the screen.

I honestly like this mobile, while there are glitches, like the download bar does not always function well, everything else on the N96 is great. The look and feel of the phone, the available application and so forth are all really cool.

If you are a hardcore Nokia fan then you will know that there are plenty forums around with “other” cool things you could do with your mobile.

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