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The Nokia N96

Nokia N96

Nokia N96

Well I knew it was not going to be long before I reached my end with the Omnia, there where a few things buggy me about the mobile. The touch screen is crap, I mean there is no nice way to put it. The iPhone is way ahead of everone when it comes to the touch screen and sadly most mobiles fail just because everyone has a perception about how a touch screen should work – what is that perception? Like the iPhone. I must stress, that the iPhone is still crap because all it managed to get right was the touch screen!

Anyway enough about that, I unpacked my new Nokia N96 today and so far it seems ok. having used the N95 before I am familar with the menu system and many of the features.

I must admit though the phone itself feels very plastic almost like it will break with just one drop. the N81 style black material as well is stupid and the finger prints stick like glue.

I have yet to test run the symbian OS and have noticed that the S60 website has been shut down or moved to Symbian Foundation – I say shut down because I visited the Symbian Foundation website and what a load of hog wash, there is no easy navigation, the website looks crummy like they got a school kid to design it.

Any way thats about all the complaints I have so far, lets give this N96 a real test run and by the end of the week I should have tested the phone to the max.

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