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The New HTC Hero - released July 2009

The New HTC Hero - released July 2009

I must confess that the Hero starts out a bit badly for me in that it has only a 65k screen, if you have know idea what I mean – here’s the explanation: 65 000 colours, that’s what the HTC Hero’s screen can handle, the good mobiles at the moment are hitting 2mil, yip 2 000 000 that’s a lot of colours, and it means you get really great visuals on a mobile.

But that’s where the bad things end!

HTC have almost standardized Handwriting recognition and the accelerometer on their touch screen phones.

The Hero also uses 3G HSDPA which is basically just really fast connectivity (7.2 mega bits per second).

 Slick Design makes your mouth water!I also like the fact that it has a 5MP camera; a point that often gets overlooked in the camera, a good example is the iPhone. All the attention went to the screen that there was nothing left for the camera except a crappy 2MP. I am glad HTC are thinking outside the box.

The mobile is also using the Google operating system called Android, I’m not sure about you, but when Google put their mind to something they really create fantastic things.

Standard features include sms, mms, email, IM. It’s has an internal GPS with a digital compass.

The price, if we don’t get ripped off in SA, then around R5000.

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