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The Nokia N95 8GB verses the Apple iPhone 8GB

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity of using a lot of really cool mobile phones and a lot of really crap mobile phones. Probably the best of these phones is the Nokia N95 8GB, which I am currently using.

But let me not be unfair, from about March this year I started using the iPhone and really was utterly disappointed, apart from the hype created by people who have never used a truly functional mobile phone – there was nothing to it.

 The applications have to be installed via iTunes and for the really good apps, you have to buy them. What’s even more classic is that if you want the full functionality of the iPhone you are going to have to crack it (using an application called pineapple).

I thought to myself, “does it make sense to have really expensive phone that has most of it’s features locked” Anyway I went through the process of cracking the phone and once cracked I got to put my own image as a background and so forth. I mean this is really silly functionality but it gets taken for granted until you have an iPhone and then think – CRAP!

My college has an iPhone and he absolutely loves it, so let me tell you what he loves about it: “everything”

I disagree, if I had to pick out what I could give the iPhone points for, it would be for the touch screen. From all the iPhone challengers I have to give credit to Apple for the touch screen, it’s clear and easy to use. But that’s were the good things end I’m afraid.

While my college believes the iPhone is great I tend to think that if you are a person who has used some form of technology before, you would know that the iPhone is crap. The only reason it is so popular in the states is because most people in the states, have never been touched by Technology or because most people there, want to just show off. What better way that would a R7000 brick?

iPhone vs N95

iPhone vs N95

Introducing the Nokia N95 GB

First and foremost – you can change the background image without first hacking your phone. Second – the symbian operating system works better than the iPhone OS. The N95 also has the accelerometer which auto-rotates the phone screen based on orientation. Java apps are available all over the web and if you are the kind of person that likes the hacking thing, then you need only look on YouTube for the coolest hacking apps for the N95.

The Camera is Carl Zeiss Optics at 5MP verses the iPhone 2MP camera. The N95 can easily connect to a PC with or without Nokia PC Suite whereas the iPhone needs an interface application to connect to PC. N95 allows you to watch full movies and if you want you can get DivX for mobile and you can watch all those avi movies sitting on your external hard drive at home, really cool if you taking a long trip or if you’re forced to go shopping with the wife, in which case all you have to do is find a good coffee shop, sit your behind down and enjoy your little movie.

There are a ton more differences that make the N95 better than the iPhone, but for the purpose of peace – let me STOP and add that this is purely my opinion and sadly if you ask an iPhone owner they will disagree with me and give their phone the credit IT DOES NOT deserve.

You decide!

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