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Principles of work and life

If you don’t know something or are unsure then… you should just SHUT UP! What happens in industry today is that you have a situation of managers trying to lead a team, however in most cases the manager is not aware of the inner workings of the team and this will often lead to misunderstanding.

I worked on a project recently and having had the project ready for client three to four weeks before the deadline, was really not a good idea. The problem that exist is that when you have a longer time period to complete a project you end up with too many people getting involved in the creative process and it is a process.

So the project was ready well in advance and as you expect 2 weeks before the project goes live, the critism begins and I must confess, probally the most difficult moment in a creative persons life is the moment he / she is being critised. Anyway the changes came in and I relooked them and did them. Great…

No way, a week left for the promotion and it changes again, at this point everything went into overdrive, burning the midnight oil coming in at 2am all in the name of the project.

Night the project goes live I get called into another session where the creative is challenged again and today I go through the same process.

I recall a while back being told that I am a poor planner – I took serious offense to it and refused to accept that. I think about this project and can without a shadow of a doubt assure you that I will once again be blamed and be seen as the one that cannot plan.

It angers me so much to think – Can we not see the other factors? When building a house, is there just an architech? What about the painter, plumber, builder do these people not matter?

If the builder does not build the wall where the show must sit, can the plumber do his job? NO! We know this yet cannot apply it.

It seems logical that you ask the builder to build the wall and not the painter – How often in your life is there a painter building your walls, when you need a builder?

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