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The RIGHT People get the BEST IDEAS in the BEST TIME

A lot can be said about the subject of “people” and in general it’s a very important matter, but can be subjective. In religion you will find it commonly said that “the only problem with God’s perfect law for humanity were the humans”. No Joke! Even in business today you get the idea that people are vital for the effective functioning of your business – it cannot be denied and yet do we really as companies or even as individuals take it seriously?

I went through a self-improvement training session today and was asked “What insight have you received today” my answer surprised me a little but made complete sense.

The RIGHT people get the BEST IDEAS in the BEST TIME.

I realise that without the right people, no amount of money can make a company succeed. The SABC and their recent ups and downs point out clearly how lots of money did not create success.

We should not be fooled into thinking that you need the right people just in small companies, personal experience dictates that the size of your company does not matter.  Even the huge ones fall apart occasionally.  The SABC again (sorry SABC but you make for a great analogy) is the most recent example of a giant company folding. Do you honestly think, the right people would have made a difference? YES… The right people might have had the foresight to help prepare and change processes, concepts, beliefs and ideas if necessary to keep the company strong.

You’re thinking well what about automated systems and machinery, the stuff you see in The Matrix, the simple answer is no machine can ever replace the ability of humans to think, create and act appropriately.

Even our Government needs the right people so that it can function properly, without the right people in power you have a Zimbabwe being created were your worth is about the same as a fly on the behind of an elephant.

If you think about it clearly then there is no need to explain what happens when you have the wrong people.

Most important part, “Having KNOWLEDGE is great, APPLYING your knowledge makes you GREAT – so dont just read this and think well we know that already, be wise and reflect on yourself and your business…

Do you have the RIGHT PEOPLE?

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